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'OMG (OH MY GOD)' Hindi Movie

I watched ‘OMG (OH MY GOD)’ Hindi movie for my reflection paper. This movie is based on religious issues in which all the characters plays their different roles. I will point out that how some people are atheism (believe god does not exist) and some are agnosticism (believe god is existed) and how some people show wrong path to the population on the name of god and take advantage of their trust.

I would like to answer the question that how and who shows the right path about god to the public
Kanji Lal Mehta who is the main character in this movie.

He is a small businessman and runs a shop of Hindu Idols in Chor Bazaar but he is an atheism who does not believe is god. Kanji Lal is a married man and has one daughter and a one son, they are studying. Kanji Lal’s family believe in god and they worship the idols of god such as Krishan Ji, Hanuman, and Ganesh ji.

In which society Kanji Lal lives everyone is agnosticism but Kanji Lal is always opposite to them. There is one very interesting thing in this movie that he does not believe in god and worship of idols of god but he does a business of idols of god.
Kanji Lal does not let his family to do the hard things related to the Hindu religion. As on Janmashtami, Kanji Lal’s son was going to break the Dahi Handi but he was against to do that.

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On the day of Janmashtami he took out his son when he was going to break the Handi and everyone who was there was angry on him but he did not care about anyone.

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