Om 10 Decision of Hard Rock Essay

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Om 10 Decision of Hard Rock

1.From your knowledge of restaurant, from the video, from the Global Company Profile that opens this chapter, and from the case itself. Identify how each of the 10 decisions of operations management is applied at Hard Rock Cafe?

1) Design of goods and service

Hard Rock Cafe us famous for foods from classic American -burgers and chicken wings- . So they try to be good in service to customers and always modifying the menu. The experience concept is to provide not only a custom meal from the menu, but dining event that include a unique visual and sound experience not duplicated anywhere in the world.

2) Managing quality

Hard Rock Cafe serve over 3,500 meals of each day. The Cafe employs about 400 people, therefore they usually have base on how to manage with their employs to get efficiency because concept of Hard Rock ,who want to work in here are not only competent in their job skills ,they should also have passionate about music and have engaging.

3.) Process and Capacity

Hard Rock Cafe spend millions of each years to purchase new music,souvenirs come from legends of rock -mainly from Elvis – Each Hard Rock Cafe and Restaurant is different design menu that depends on culture & country. Hard Rock Cafe works to create product in an efficient , manner, analyzing them for cost , quantity and labor requirement

4) Location strategy

Hard Rock Cafe has always catered largely to tourist in recent years. The tourist seeking to find a special and memorable time . Their largest restaurant and one the biggest restaurant in the world is located in Orlando , Florida.

5) Layout Strategy

Concept of Hard Rock Cafe stands out the crowded restaurant is their layout just looking their big guitar outside. The wall is being slapped with lots of memorabilia : guitars ,drums , shirts , pants , shoes, scarves , hand written come from music brand or legendary musician , such as Elvis , John Lennon . So that Hard Rock seems to be “Live” museum

6) Human resource and job design

Hard Rock has an employs Bill of rights , outstanding pay , benefit and promotion that helps employee self-motivated individual .They also have policy hiring the best quantity not just best available. Human resource can be expensive , different to archive and hard to sustain but in Hard Rock Cafe with in practice training and treat employee as you need individuality that not only good for business but also have definitely “Rock”

7) Supple chain management

Hard Rock has been explored new global resource to achieve maximum profitable via supply chain. Be aware the most advantage of outsourcing is cost saving and improve services level. Hard Rock has selected USCO logistic.

8) Inventory , Material requirement planing , and JIT

Inventory is one of the most expensive assets of many companies and Hard Rock is not exclusive and also has invested 40 million dollars in one of world’s largest collection of rock-and – roll memorabilia inventory. “The objective of inventory ”-management is to strike a balance between inventory investment and customer service and using effectively software such as Excel OM . Hard Rock has done a great of cataloging every single item.

9) Intermediate and short-term scheduling

Hard Rock Cafe is using a lot of forecasting technique such as moving average weighted moving average , exponential smoothing and regression. Analysis that helps manager to see the impact on demand of other menu items if price of one item is changed.

10) Maintenance

Hard Rock Cafe got the goal maintenance when they succeed to maintain the capability of system over 52 countries ad keeping a system’s equipment is working order in 163 cafes around the world.

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