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Olympic spirit essay

I am going to be talking to you today about the Olympic Spirt. The Olympics have been going on for a long time, and for some they get better and better each year. With new technology and fresh ideas, the games are constantly changing. For some, however, they are changing in the wrong direction. To these people, the games are focused more on the various sporting events and economic benefits, rather than what the games are really about. They are supposed to represent the individuality of each country and mutual tolerance throughout the world. The Olympic Spirit has not been lost. Still today countries use the olympics as an important opportunity to communicate, the games are a great example of tolerance amongst countries, and each country has a chance to be seen and have an impact on the world, no matter how small they are.

Countries all around the world use the games as a networking tool. With all of these countries being represented conveniently in one place, it is a great time for communication between foreign powers. On average at the olympics, there are more than 100 countries being represented. On a political level, the olympics is a great place for casual relations between countries, which can improve their relationships in the future. If not for political reasons, citizens who have traveled from all over the world now have a great chance to meet each other. These people can form relationships that will tie their countries together on a social level. Rather than being focused on the sport, people are seeing what is really important, keeping the olympic spirit alive.

As well as networking, the olympic games are a great example of tolerance. It is no secret that all of the countries of the world do not get along. Just as in any other relationship, there are disagreements among the word powers. However, the olympics have a way of making people forget all of that. Countries put aside their differences and coexist together for those short two weeks. The “olympic spirit has clearly not been lost if the games have that much of an effect on people all over the world.

Going hand-in-hand with tolerance, countries have a chance to participate and be heard on the world stage, and be represented as equals. With most of the countries in the world here, even the smallest of countries can voice their opinion and have it heard by everyone. This just goes to show that the olympic spirit allows people to show equality to everyone, no matter who they are. There is no prejudice in the olympic spirit, and it has certainly not been overlooked or forgotten.

The Olympic Spirt has not been lost, because even now countries are using the Olympics for the right purposes; networking, expressing tolerance, and showing equality by letting everyone have a voice on the world stage. Countries have vital opportunities to communicate, not just politically but socially. Everyone comes together in one city during the time of the Olympics to celebrate, with everyone being tolerant of other countries. Lastly, even the smallest countries are allowed a voice. The Olympic Spirit has hardly been lost. On the contrary, it is very much alive and a part of the games today.

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