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Old vs New Ideas Essay

Essay Topic:

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We live in a world where brand name and mass manufacturing of products is the name of the business. Companies spend years, even decades insuring that the company name or product brand will become part of the recall psyche of the clients or consumers. Companies are often not willing to gamble on a new idea or formula that will try to redefine how things are done or the way a product works. It would rather update old ideas suit modern times.

Such changes could be as simple as redesigning the look of a product or packaging.

Companies are also reluctant to try and implement the really original and fresh ideas because of the financial cost that will hit the company should the new product fail in the market. Clear examples of this belief can be seen in the products we use on a daily basis. The most recognizable product that falls under the category of old ideas being updated for a new market can be seen in the Colgate line or oral care products.

Colgate built its company through consumer product recall and has been using old ideas in its toothpaste and toothbrush product lines for decades now.

The toothbrush is the most common instrument of oral hygiene. A toothbrush does not call for much changes and can actually look the same because the function of the item remains constant. But anything that does not change becomes boring, this is why Colgate often redesigns its toothbrushes and develops new product lines based on the old idea. By presenting the lowly toothbrush in various shapes, sizes, and models, product recall remains constant, and people think they are purchasing a new idea which is just an old but updated idea.

Next, we have the toothpaste line of the company. I have personally compared the ingredients that go into the making of the Colgate Toothpaste line and I can assure you that the only difference in the products are the flavors and certain enhancers that they put in such as baking soda for teeth whitening. Once again, an old basic idea with new presentation. Not necessarily a new idea. They introduce new flavors and/or product enhancements and charge more for the product when it hit’s the shelves.

In both instances, the company does not have a real financial gamble on the product because the product recall is already there and they are simply riding the wave created by the original product by updating it for possible new consumers who might be trying their products for the first time. Thus we see that companies benefit more from updating existing ideas rather than spending so much money on product and market research that might create and implement new ideas.

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