Old Challenges in Modern Contexts Essay

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Old Challenges in Modern Contexts

While the United States of America boasts itself as the land of the free and the home of the brave, there remain the problems of social prejudice and illiteracy. The history of the United States is witness to how blacks were mistreated and enslaved in earlier years while the problem of illiteracy has continued to hinder the growth of a portion of its population from reaching its full capacities in the context of the workplace. Prejudice and illiteracy are just two of the many challenges the United States of America and its people face in these modern times, especially in a world where everything appears to have been “globalized”.

That is, as peoples and nations become more and more intertwined with one another, the greater the challenge is for Americans in coping with the changing times. One way to overcome the obstacles brought about by globalization is to eliminate or, at the least, greatly lessen the illiteracy rates and the instances of prejudice. One of the main features of the contemporary age of globalization is the modern workplace where people intermingle with individuals from across national borders without leaving their cubicles or offices.

Given the dynamics behind the daily communication efforts made in these places, race relations is paramount. For instance, it is not a farfetched case where American employees working in a firm with contacts and clients from across the world can have encounters with people from another race such as Asians or Africans. Racial prejudice casts a great detrimental effect on the communication between the employee and the foreign client or contact, especially when the American worker strongly despises Blacks, Asians, or any race other than his or her own.

It hampers the lines of communication by allowing hatred to other races to hinder the flow of information exchange. More importantly, it isolates both the American company and the American worker from the other parts of the world just by ignoring or by exercising a negative attitude towards people from other races or countries. Another important illustration is from within the workplace itself where people from various races work in a single office, regardless of whether the office population is small or large.

If prejudiced Americans are placed along with workers coming from other regions of the world, it is most likely that there will be no harmony and fluid working environment and working relationship among the employees. Worse, prejudice can lead to corporate dysfunction where the workers do not get along well with one another just because one American worker cannot take the situation where he or she is working together with Blacks, Asians, or people from other races.

In a highly competitive world, or if not one which is growing more and more competitive each day, racial relations is a vital factor in the survival of both the companies and the employees in the modern workplace. Computer illiteracy is another hindrance to the overall welfare of any company in this modern world. The society that people have today is one which is almost entirely different from the societies a century or two in the past. Today, almost every office in America or any other part of the world has one computer to a few, to dozens and hundreds depending on the type of company and the functions it performs.

When workers are not yet accustomed to the basic features and uses of computers, that inability can cripple the performance in the workplace in both the short and long runs. In the short run, a workforce that is largely computer illiterate will find it hard to adapt to the ever-changing corporate environments from within and from without. As computers have increasingly gained an indubitable presence in the completion of simple to complex tasks in the workplace, they have also already taken indispensable roles in the growth of the company in general and the employees in particular.

From simple financial reports encoded and printed through spreadsheets to digital presentations used in providing lectures to the employees, the importance of computers is undeniable as these technological gadgets have hastened and have made more efficient the company tasks, analysis of performances of the employees and the company. The task of improving and succeeding in these modern times for any individual and workforce is to consider the tasks of improving on the social and literacy conditions of the members of the company.

Although it is not an easy task to realize and materialize, improving on the conduct of the workforce of any company can help stimulate more internal growth in the attitudes and perceptions of the employees. For one, a modern workforce without or with very minimal racial prejudice against one another strengthens the internal affairs of the people in the workforce, thereby strengthening the camaraderie, morale and productivity of the workforce as well.

Moreover, a ‘computer literate’ workforce essentially translates into a group of employees who are capable of addressing the modern demands of the times, not the least because of their high self-esteem knowing that they can perform computer-related tasks. The problems of prejudice in racial relations and of computer illiteracy in the modern workplace are two significant problems that hinder America and its people from fully realizing its status as the land of the free and a nation that is a superpower from within its own soil.

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