Oklahoma in order to graduate

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Oklahoma in order to graduate

I am writing to appeal the suspension I received prior to last semester. I have spent one semester away from the University of Oklahoma and this time away has allowed me the opportunity to see the enormous impact the University of Oklahoma has on my academic achievement. Unfortunately, I did not realize how important the University of Oklahoma is in my pursuit of an academic degree until I was forced to remove myself from the campus for a short period of time.

However, this time taught me valuable lessons about myself as a person and has enabled me to mature enough to realize the work I must do to reenroll at the University of Oklahoma in order to graduate. I am currently attending Oklahoma City Community College and while this college is doing an excellent job of providing me with advanced academic skills, it is not prepared to provide me with an upper division academic degree. I am a pre-pharmacology major and I have worked incredibly hard at Oklahoma City Community College in order to complete all of my lower division classes.

I am now ready to reenroll at the University of Oklahoma with a changed and more mature attitude towards my education. My time away from the University of Oklahoma has provided me with time to reconsider my immature approach towards my education and has given me the chance to realize just how important higher education is for my future. My improved academic record at Oklahoma City Community College proves my changed attitude and my more mature approach towards education.

In addition to satisfactorily completing all my required lower division classes, I have participated in a number of extra curricular activities that have helped me mature as a student. I have enjoyed time spent with various study groups in order to enhance my overall understanding of the course material. I have learned that gaining this type of understanding motivates me to try my best in the classroom and I fully intend to continue to participate in these rewarding learning situations.

Additionally, I have been participating as a member of a sports team. This participation has allowed me to mature and realize that being a part of a team means giving one hundred percent and participating fully so my teammates are able to count on me. This realization will improve my academic performance and attitude at the University of Oklahoma because I realize that I am a part of the team of students and I must be reliable and responsible in order to uphold the standards of the University.

Finally, I have been diligently attending my scheduled classes in addition to holding down a job. This combination of hard work as enabled me to realize the importance of trying my best. I also now realize that I do not need to be afraid of hard work and this realization has helped me become the better person I am today. Please carefully consider making an exception to the suspension rule in place at the University of Oklahoma.

I have learned a valuable lesson about the rigorous standards in place at the University and I am ready to live by those standards and become an active member of the student body. I have worked hard to prove the type of person that I am today and would like a chance to erase the mistakes of my past in order to move towards a brighter future. I truly believe that the University of Oklahoma is the place for me and I am ready to prove it. Thank your for your time and consideration,


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