Oklahoma Essay Topics

Oklahoma City

This paper will describe the historical geography of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma’s states capital. There are several sections to this assignment, which starts with the original settlers in this city, their motivation to inhabit the area and research on their ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. The paper then progresses to describe the economy basis in the… View Article

Oklahoma in order to graduate

I am writing to appeal the suspension I received prior to last semester. I have spent one semester away from the University of Oklahoma and this time away has allowed me the opportunity to see the enormous impact the University of Oklahoma has on my academic achievement. Unfortunately, I did not realize how important the… View Article

Oklahoma City Bombing

The events of April 19th 1995 will forever remain in the heads of the residents of Oklahoma. On this fateful day, 180 innocent civilians lost their lives and approximately 800 were left injured. But what really led to such a catastrophe? The US government called it an act of terrorism and up to the September… View Article

Effects of the Issue on Early Childhood Education

This study examines the effects of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s early childhood education programs on social-emotional outcomes at kindergarten entry. As such, it extends our prior work demonstrating substantial positive impacts of the Tulsa pre-K and Head Start programs on cognitive development, including pre-reading skills, pre-writing skills, and pre-math skills (Gormley, Phillips, & Gayer, 2008). We focus… View Article