Officer Recruitment and Selection Process Essay

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Officer Recruitment and Selection Process

Firstly we need to introduce our self to the topic as the selection process of various levels of police such as local, state or federal officer and also included will be the various training programs through which the officers of each level goes before they are employed as officer is what will be getting discussed. So as most individuals are aware of the fact that police officers play most important role in maintaining disciplines and also they are the one who are most reliable for fighting with various types of crimes and criminals. It is very clear that the job of a police officer is a very hard one because they do face very tough problems while doing their job, so this is the reason why police officers do need to go through a very tough training and also various selection processes so that they do not face any difficulty while handling various criminals and therefore can perform their job very well. As there are certain levels of police officers like local, state and federal police officers and also of them go through various training programs before they are appointed as police officers.

So let’s discuss the selection process of a local, state, federal police officer, there are some requirements which are checked in the selection process. These are: Health- It is very important to know the physical and mental condition of an officer before selecting because it is very important to make sure that police officer is of sound mind and is also physically very strong to handle any bad situations. Then we have Integrity / Conduct – It means that person who will be selected must have a very god record of his behavior and good conduct. Next is Residence – which is the next thing that is judged before selecting a police officer is to make sure that person is residence of the United States which can further help the selection officers to collect other relevant data regarding background of the person and also about the family of the person. 4) Driving License – The person who is applying for the job of a Police Officer must have some identity cards like Driving license other than being an Identity card it also serves the purpose if the officer is needed to drive a car during his duty, so to drive a car or any vehicle u need a driving license weather u are a police officer or not it does not matter.

4) Qualification – The fourth requirement is the possession of certain qualified degrees like a person needs to be high school degree holder which makes sure that person has a good knowledge and can handle various situations very well. 5) Certificates – The person also needs to have some certificates such as domicile certificate, character certificate etc. After the first stage of selection process is finished which is known as initial selection process and if a candidate passes above requirements then he is required to go through, in second stage of selection process the first test is psychometric test, in this test various qualities like trust-worthiness, self-esteem, sympathy, sensitivity, integrity, self – control, flexibility, objectivity etc. apart from that some other skills like writing skills, listening skills, reading skills are examined and after examining these pre decided qualities which they look in every police officer the person is required to go through physical and medical fitness test and if a candidate goes through this physical and medical process then he or she is needed to go through a panel interview .

In a panel interview person is needed to appear in front of some officers with some documents and in the interview session officers try to examine various aspects of the person like skills, confidence, and apart from that the most important thing which is the will of the person to work as a police officer or not. After the completion of the interview the next step is to make a merit list and then finally the list of the short listed students till the interview round is given out. We can say at this point the selection process is nearly complete because after this process of training begins. The training period is the most crucial period for any police officer because it is the time when a police officer really develops all the skills which are required for any person to become a police officer and only when one completes training he can be called as a police officer and not before that. In the training period which can be of 1 – 2 years the person is required to live in the academy where he goes through training and also various facilities are provided in the training center.

In the training process person is trained to survive in toughest conditions which he can ever face during his duty, and to make him tough he is given training in various things such as swimming, horse riding, shooting and also various other things which he needs to have. So in the end we can say that these are the basic steps for selection process of a police officer whether he or she is a police officer at local level, state level or at federal level.

Each officer at each level must go through this process and only after that he or she become a police officer, so after the completion of these steps a final merit list is made and is declared among the candidates and according to the merit list or we can say according to the numbers scored by all the candidates in the various stages of the selection process the officers are given their ranks, as the person who tops the list will get a very good rank as compared to other officers and the persons that follow him in the merit list will get posting at low positions, so we can finally say that selection process and also the training process for the recruitment of officers at the local level, state level, federal level is a very transparent process.

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