Office Practicum Essay

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Office Practicum

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.” -Ayn Rand

In every game, in order for you to win, you must finish all the levels. You can’t reach the 9th level without taking the 1st, the 2nd up to the 8th.

The first year of my college life had passed. The first semester of S.Y. 2011-2012 had ended. And the next level is the second semester which covered the on-the-job training. As a BBTE student, it is part of our curriculum to pass the 6-unit subject, Office Practicum to go to the next level.

I became a student trainee of the Dean’s Office of the college of Education of this University. I considered this training as a game and I took nine levels before I declared myself as a winner.

The first level is the easiest level of all. This just a preparation for me. Preparing for the requirements and thinking where is the place I want to be trained. When everything is alright, and I’ve decided where the place would be, the second level approached me.

Actually, I’ve chosen Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as my training ground, but they neglected me. I went to different offices of PUP, from OVPPA, OEVP, OVPA, Registrar’s Office, etc. But, misfortune hit me, I experienced rejections. “Well, it’s their regret that they let me get by another office.” (Pampalubag-loob.. ) Until I saw the key shining on the front of the door located at the North Wing, 2nd Floor—Dean’s office of CoEd. I got the key and I heard a voice saying, “Level Accomplished! Go to the next level!”

As I enter the door, I saw the gems that can help me to gain a higher score for this game. They are Ma’am Fe, Ma’am Menchie, Ma’am Junie and Ma’am Ruby. They welcomed me so warmly and I appreciated it so much. This level is all about appreciation and I’m ready to face the next level because of enthusiasm they gave me.

In the 4th level, I met the soldiers that can be companions to the following level. They are Marlo, Jediah and Cris. I am happy to be with them. I am also thankful to have them especially in facing the 5th level.

This level is one of the hardest and tiresome level of all. It’s all about the task—administrative duties like answering telephone calls, encoding, filing, etc. In facing the 6th to 9th level, task is always there. And through the help of the soldiers, I’ve passed the last four remaining levels.

In all games, sometimes you will play alone. Just like in the office, sometimes you will work alone. So, you must initiate to be productive. Initiative and self-esteem is the main power to pass this level. As what Lydia M. Child said, “Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.”

Sometimes, we experienced twists and turns. No one can deny that sometimes we complained. I admit, I got tired in all the tasks and decided to quit. But as I thought failure, I became stronger and stronger. It seems you’re bitten by a snake on snake and ladder but still, trying to move on and reach your goals.

The 8th level is just reminiscing all the experiences that make it unforgettable for me.

And the last level, making happy thoughts.

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