Off-shore Experience Essay

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Off-shore Experience

Looking for job at this time may be a bit difficult because there are a lot of companies that use offshoring. Offshoring is a kind of strategy for big companies that want to reduce their expenses in labor. Instead of giving domestic employment they substitute it with foreign by going to countries with cheap labor wages such as India, Philippines and China. Billion of dollars of a lot of industries even hotels and restaurants are being outsourced (“Outsourcing & Offshoring Industry Overview”).

But one of the biggest is contact centers and assembly lines for communication gadgets. The trend of offshoring has made a great impact in the economy of most first world countries most especially with the United States. Since many jobs are already being offshored, I have just decided to look for a job that is more stable such as human resources. My aim is not only to protect my own interest of the job but also to encourage the company to look at the impact of offshoring to the economy of the country and in maintaining the stability of the company.

Since many jobs are sent to other countries to be accomplish and they are paid lesser than if they are located in the US and performed by Americans, made me think twice. One reason is that any job that might have a counterpart in other country may not be good in terms of security of tenure. You may not know as a new employee when your boss might terminate you because they have found another person in another country who can perform as well as you do yet they are to pay lesser wages.

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