Of Mice and Men Essay Essay

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Of Mice and Men Essay

Throughout the book, “Of Mice and Men” George is Lennie’s everything! From dusk to dawn he is Lennie’s caretaker, friend, and he also works in place of himself and Lennie, too! He doesn’t have the easiest job in the world, either. He is faced with many challenges throughout the book. I do believe that towards the end George was finally getting enough, and he was getting tired of watching Lennie struggle. It got the best of him in a way.

George has a job as a ranch hand out on the ranch. He does a little bit of everything. From making sure that the animals are in good health, and to helping the boss with anything he needs. George even watches over the slaves, to make sure they are doing what they need to be doing and are staying away from the whites. He carries a lot of responsibilities! He is also doing Lennie’s job at the same time. As we found out very quickly, Lennie is not the best at doing the task, due to his mental illness. He doesn’t know his strength, and tends to hurt/kill people and animals. Lennie has a heart of gold, and means absolutely no harm.

Because of Lennie’s mental state, he needs a caretaker. George has been the one to step up to the plate and take that position. They got kicked out of Weed because Lennie went to feel a lady’s dress, and she accused him of rape. George somewhat felt guilty because as his caretaker it is his responsibility to make sure and keep an eye on him. George has to keep a close eye on Lennie and make sure that he is doing right. Any wrong thing that he may do could easily fall back on George, and they can lose everything, such as their job and shelter. At the end of the book, George had had enough of watching Lennie do wrong. He knew that after killing Curley’s wife, it could be something much worse, and being the friend he was he couldn’t watch him go through that anymore!

As a friend, George is Lennie’s everything! Throughout the book, George was Lennie’s only true friend. He understood him, when everyone else didn’t. George knew when he messed up, but he still treated him like a best friend. He was more than just a caretaker, he was like a brother! I give props to George! He had been around the world and back with Lennie and he still loved him for the person he was. Even when he killed things, he was still there and didn’t think of him any less. Now that my friends, is a TRUE friend!

This book was very touching, and sad. It helped open my eyes to realize that there really are people out there who do wrong, but don’t mean to. You may be proven guilty, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t innocent. George really was a great friend to Lennie! He had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders! He would be one to look up to. Next time you see someone do wrong, you need to stop and ask yourself, “Did they really mean that?”

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