Of Mice and Men alternative ending

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Lennie rushed off out of the barn, towards the forest, just as George had said he had to do. On reaching the forest edge Lennie chose to reverse for George, “what are you doing” stated George, “go back and I’ll fulfill you in the forest”. Lennie slowly turned back to the forest in a state of confusion. Curley and Carlson turned up at the barn to see where George had actually gotten to. When George heard the fumbling of the barn door being opened he kneeled down beside Curley’s spouse to provide him the impression that he had actually just discovered her dead.

Curley froze in horror when he saw her chilled body showing no indications of motion. He hurried over to her still form, pressed George aside, and checked for any indications of life. When he recognized that there was no life left in her, he bowed his head and began to sob. “Who did this” stated Curley in a calm voice.

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“I’m uncertain, I can be found in and …” George was interrupted by Curley. “It was your friend … Lennie? Wasn’t it?” “I don’t think you should be puttin’ the blame on individuals today” responded George.

“Get my gun! ” yelled Curley to Carlson. Carlson left the barn to fetch the gun. “What are you going to do? ” said George, full of fear. “I’m gonna’ shoot that son of a bitch right in the back of his head! ” Carlson rushed back into the barn with a couple of guns in his hands.

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Curley hurriedly snatched a gun of him and dashed towards the forest. Lennie could hear all the shouting which made him curious. He slowly and quietly made his way through the forest, towards the location of the heightened voices.

“There he is, get im'” said Curley when he saw Lennie’s head pop up out of the bushes. Curley and Carlson headed for the area where they had seen him. George, a couple of yards behind was sprinting to try and catch up. He had to stop them from killing Lennie! George heard gunshots and headed towards the noise. “No! ” shouted George gasping for breath, “what have you done”. “You were both in on this weren’t you? you both planned to kill her and get away, you murderous bastards! ”

“What are you talking about Curley, we didn’t plan this” said George in panic. Were they going to kill him too? Curley raised the gun to George’s head. “Can’t you see that George didn’t do it, put the gun down” said Carlson. Curley stared into the petrified eyes of George for a short moment of time, then took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. “What the hell is wrong with you? ” said Carlson in shock, his feet rooted to the ground. Curley turned back towards the barn. “Curley” yelled Carlson ….. “Curley”.

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Of Mice and Men alternative ending

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