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Compare and Contrast: Death of a Salesman & Oedipus

Tying all these elements together the two main protagonist become the major point of most of the similarities between Oedipus the King and Death of a Salesman. Their behavior and personality reflect that of prideful man who hides behind false bravados and confidence in attempts to avoid their problems. Their attempts to avoid the problem lie in the way they handle situations with anger and a feeli...

The Role of Fate in Oedipus Rex

Unless I was to suffer a strange destiny.”  In the play, Sophocles has cast the concept of fate in such a formidable and powerful role that the reader is compelled to wonder whether it was fate, more than any character flaw, which led to the hero’s tragic end. Dodds (1966) also reflects this thought in his paper “On Misunderstanding the Oedipus Rex” when he asserts that Oedipus had no rea...

Hamartia with Respect to Oedipus in the Play ''Oedipus Rex''

The tragedy of Oedipus is his pride in his nobility and ability to a certain extent, had he not tried to avoid the divine oracle, he would have remained in Corinth and the oracle may never have been fulfilled .Had he not been prideful and rash in his actions, he would not have slayed Laius out of wounded pride. He is full of self –confidence that makes him blunder consistently. “I am a child o...

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Dramatic Irony in Oedipus the King

Although Oedipus, along with most of the other characters, does not know what is actually going on during the play, the audience does. Because of Sophocles’ ability to use dramatic irony throughout the play, it gives the readers the ability to know everything that is going to happen before it actually takes place. Even though Sophocles uses many scenes to portray dramatic irony, the three most i...


On the other hand, light signifies the latter part of the play where in, slowly, every single thing turns to be a much clearer that it is in the earlier part. It is when the vagueness of the story started to diminish, having a brighter view of prediction of what will happen next. In the end, it is really true that no secret can be kept forever. Oedipus is indeed a very intelligent king, th...

Comparison the characters Oedipus & Odysseus

The reader's sense of Oedipus is very different. He is not going to be any different, he is going to persevere in being exactly what he has been. So there is a terrible fascination with seeing the events unfold, in seeing Oedipus himself become the major motivating force in his own destruction. The force of the play comes from the connection between Oedipus's sufferings and his own actions, that i...

"My Oedipus Complex" by Frank O'Connor

If the point of view were changed in such a situation, then the father may tell of how naive and innocentthe child is or how oblivios he is to what a horrible condition they are faced with. The plot would change drastically. If the point of view were changed to the third person objective, or dramatic point of view, then the readers would assume their own emotion which would absolutely change the t...

Mortal Law Verses Divine Law

Everyone can identify with Antigone's attitude because all people have their own set of "higher laws" or moral values. These values have changed over time. Different people from different times and different cultures are obviously going to have varying views. In the days when everyone had the same value system because they were all the same religion, these values were reflected in the laws. As peo...

Oedipus the King- Metaphors


The fate of Oedipus and Pentheus

The line "No, no, Mother! I am Pentheus" shows the in depth of request and pleadings that Pentheus does to his mother in order to not punish him with death. The words "i have done a wrong" tells us that he realizes his mistake and is pretty aware of the consequences of his actions and thus wants to some how escape from the terrible fate gifted to him by Dionysus. Thus, the above illustrations clea...

Oedipus - A Freud and Aristole View

In Oedipus the King, Sophocles presents us with a world in which certain actions and outcomes are inevitable for us to go through. It is from this concept that Sigmund Freud's Oedipus complex stems. Freud makes a statement in The Interpretation of Dreams that;"There must be something which makes a voice within us ready to recognize the compelling force of destiny in the Oedipus… His destiny mov...

"Oedipus the King" by Sophocle and "The Bacchae" by Euripide

Oedipus does cry at the end of the play that Apollo 'ordained [his] agonies' (1468) however the person that caused his misery was Oedipus alone. Dionysus in the Bacchae makes sure to establish his status as a 'god icongnito' (Euripides 4) from the first stanza of the play. Unlike Apollo's lack of domineering presence in Sophocles' work, Dionysus is the protagonist of the play as both a deity and a...

My Oedipus Complex

Larry disliked Sonny from the very beginning because of the constant crying that would annoy Larry and his father. Now everything his mother would do or talk about was Sonny. Larry felt so frustrated that he threatens to leave in front of his father and soon after Larry threat becomes a positive aspect. He notices his father starts to be exceedingly nice to him with a fine intelligence and his mot...

Dramatic Techniques in "Oedipus the King"

Through the study of some of the techniques Sophocles engaged in his plays, his aptitude and flair as playwright has become apparent and have most definitely helped his plays succeed throughout history. Dramatic irony kept viewers interested in the plot and increased suspense, symbolism gave depth to the plot and the Chorus developed the plays ability to universalise, by enabling the audience to r...

Oedipus and Creon: Leaders of Thebes

In conclusion, Sophocles portrays two rulers of Thebes in his plays Oedipus the King and Antigone. Oedipus and Creon share similarities and differences that characterize them as leaders of Thebes. Oedipus is seen as a good ruler due to the fact that he possesses the qualities the town seeks in a leader. Creon is deemed a bad ruler. He places himself above the state, people, and gods therefore bein...

Oedipus complex in "Sons and lovers" by D.H. Lawrence

As Paul talks more to his mother and the readers witness his stream of consciousness one begins to notice the usual lustful and romantic feelings he has for his mother. This fact is compounded by his resentment and hatred of his father. Therefore, D.H Lawrence strategizes his plot and character development in such a way as to advance the thematic elements he wishes to presume within the novel. He...

Comparison between Creon and Antigone in Oedipus the King

” In sum, while both characters share similarities due to their close relationship with Oedipus, they also have differences that distinguish their characters. Antigone is a realistic, decisive yet stubborn character while Creon is a person who holds himself in high esteem but later realizes he is human as well. Works Cited “Oedipus the King. ” 2008. The Internet Classics Archive. 3 April 200...

Oedipus the King as a Tragic Hero

However, the true tragedy in Oedipus life is that his fate was seemingly predetermined for him as he did not know that the person he killed on the way to Thebes was his father, and the woman he married is his mother. In other words, he was not in control of his own fate which makes him truly a tragic hero. Works Cited Johnston, Ian. “Sophocles, Oedipus the King. ” 2009. Malaspina University Co...

The Oedipus Complex in Oedipus Rex, The Metamorphosis and My Old Man

Works Cited: Bukowski, Charles. The Oxford Anthology of American Poetry. Ed. David Lehman. New York: OUP, 2006. p. 651. Kafka, Franz. Metamorphosis. New York: Kessinger Publishing, 2004. Lesser, Simon O. Widespread Meanings: Selected Essays of Simon O. Lesser. Massachusetts: University of Massachusetts Press, 1977. Redmond, John. How to Write a Poem. New York: Blackwell, 2006. Sokel, Walter Herber...

Oedipus and His Fate

In the beginning of the story, in the perspective of Oedipus, the prophecy that he will kill his own father and marry his mother may be escaped through leaving his hometown, without knowing that this was actually the action that led to the fulfillment of his destiny. Thereafter, fate in Oedipus’ perspective changed into one which, like a king's order, may never be broken and defied. It became su...

The Conflict between the Individual and Society

Nora also struggles to be a perfect wife and mother, while taking upon her the responsibilities belonging to a man, according to the social standards. She is not repaid for her sacrifices however and her husband does not understand her. In the two texts, the individual’s struggle with society is an arduous and complex one, revealing his dependence on the social environment. Works Cited: Ibsen, H...

Oedipus Rex Character Analysis

His choice to kill the man on the road instead of just letting the confrontation go decided his fate. Realizing that he’s murdered Laios even though he’d tried so hard to prevent the prophecy from becoming a reality was unbearable. Finding Iocasta dead in her room by her own hand was his suffering. Finally, gouging out his own eyes in a hysterical attempt to punish himself was a punishment fa...

Reaction Paper: Oedipus the King

Dramatic unities: unity of actions, unity of time, unity of place. Unity of actions, it is the casual connections of events and incidents; unity of time, it is a concept that the tragedy should confine itself as far as possible, to a single revolution of the sun; unity of place, it is a concept about the epic, the epic can narrate the number of actions simultaneously in different parts. These conc...

Oedipus kills his father and marries his mother. Is this due to fate or freewill?

In short, the story of Oedipus best exemplifies the power of fate and of the gods, who were considered to be the rulers of man in the context of the play. It also shows the importance of prophecies during that time as these can accurately predict future events and fates. It can then be surmised that Oedipus was simply a puppet controlled higher beings and greater forces, one of which is fate. Desp...

The Justice and Redemption of King Oedipus

As the events of Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone follow, Oedipus remains figuratively incarcerated by his sins and is not redeemed until, in the last moments of his life, Oedipus realizes that he had committed them in ignorance, and Zeus absolves him of wrongdoing. And it is in these three Theban plays that Sophocles, having spent some forty years pondering the fate of Oedipus, makes his theme app...

Olympian Destiny vs. Personal Choice

Though men make decisions in certain circumstances, those circumstances were also created by pre-determined fate: Oedipus had to be there at the exact same time his father was at the crossroads; Oedipus had to take the path going to Thebes; Oedipus had to solve the riddle by the Sphinx, etc. Thus, although Oedipus can make his own decisions which lead to his tragic fate, his tragic fate was alread...

Imagery in the plays Oedipus Rex and Othello

“Oedipus the King: Metaphor Analysis". N. p. , n. d. Web. 2 Jun 2010. <http://www. novelguide. com/oedipustheking/metaphoranalysis. html>. Shows. "Themes—Oedipus". N. p. , n. d. Web. 2 Jun 2010. <http://shows. vtheatre. net/oedipus/themes. html>. SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on Othello. ” SparkNotes. com. SparkNotes LLC. 2002. Web. 2 Jun. 2010. SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNot...

Oedipus complex and relationships in ‘Sons and Lovers’

D. H. Lawrence’s perpetual search for the archetypal human relationship affects all his fiction and particularly Sons and Lovers, his coming of age novel. It is here that his preoccupation with the love ethic and the profound split caused by the imbalance or “power cast,” of most relationships are so nakedly revealed. The incomplete and imperfect relationships of Sons and Lovers are among th...


On account of the old prophecy Oedipus refuses to return to Corinth until his mother, too, is dead. To calm his fears the messenger assures him that he is not the blood son of Polybus and Merope, but a foundling from the house of Laius deserted in the mountains. This statement is confirmed by the old shepherd whom Jocasta had charged with the task of exposing her babe. Thus the ancient prophecy ha...

Oedipus Rex

When Oedipus demands to be exiled, Creon waits for approval from the gods before taking any action. It is worth mentioning here that if Oedious Rex and Antigone are compared, one can see that both the kings accuse the old prophet Tiresias of corruption when he tells them that the gods are against them. But there is also a clear difference that follows. While Creon tries to change, and amend his wr...

Sherwood Anderson’s “The Egg” Analysis

Sherwood Anderson’s “The Egg” has numerous conflicts and characters that bring out Freud’s id, ego, and superego that make for a wonderful psychoanalytical read. The Oedipal complex of the main character shines brightly through his view of and relationship with the father. Overall, the actions of the father are genuinely out of his control due to his unconscious mind, and he passed that tr...

The Consequence of Oedipus’ Pride

This is the last chance Oedipus received to give up his pursuit for knowledge, but as with before, his hubris urged him to charge straight into his fall from grace. Ultimately, Oedipus had only his egotism to blame for the terrible destruction he suffered. It motivated him to initiate a hunt for the murderer of Laius, discount the oracles of Teiresias, and cast away the warnings of Jocasta. He ser...

Oedipus - Free Will Vs Fate

Oedipus, a puppet of the gods, never accepts this and serves as an example to all men alike. He does have some control over his own life, however, which is shown when he commits the murders and blinds himself. Oedipus chooses not to commit suicide at the end of the play and shows that he has control over his own death. The opposite poles of destiny and free will are present in the play and their d...

The Burial at Thebes

To conclude the structure of the play is marked out by themes that are developed throughout the play. The role of the Chorus provides links between the episodes whilst commenting on the actions of the play and to contribute and interact with the characters. In this assignment I have aimed to show that the chorus makes several contributions at different stages throughout The Burial at Thebes. These...

Sophocles, Oedipus the King

Over time it’ll come back to you and it won’t always work out the way you want it to. This historical period has lead you through a time when someone did something wrong and was taught a lesson. In Oedipus’s story you gain an insight of the Greek tragedy, and you learn about fate and irony. Learning about fate and free will is something that allows you to get a better understanding of the tw...

Oedipus Blinded by the Truth

New knowledge of his murdering of his father and marriage to his mother, traumatize Oedipus. Unable to cope, he blinds himself by poking out his eyes. He screams, “Eyes, now you will not, no, never see the evil I suffered, the evil I caused. You will see blackness- where once were lives you should never have lived to see, yearned- for faces you so long failed to know. ” Oedipus realizes the ho...

Oedipus Rex Life and Justice

Oedipus needed the help of many Thebans to accomplish his goal. I believe that everyone in life needs that connection between other people to figure out their past. No one can learn about themselves without the knowledge of older people who have been around to see you develop. In reference to Oedipus, he pulled together with a group of people and conducted his search for justice. Even though his s...

The Blindness of Oedipus The King

In the end, it was through Teiresias that Oedipus first saw light. Aided by a blind seer, Oedipus was finally in the light and was able to take a look at the life he lived. He figuratively acquired the sense of sight the day he learned of the entire truth. With the truth unraveled, Jocasta killed herself and Oedipus pierced his eyes so he would not anymore see his own children who were as well his...

The Leadership Qualities of Oedipus and Kreon

This shows that Kreon is a cool-headed person that thinks before he speaks, which is a good leadership quality. Furthermore, Kreon demonstrates his scholars’ intellects by telling Oedipus that “to throw away a noble friend is like a man who parts with his own life, the thing most dear to him. Give it some time”. In other words, Kreon is trying to tell Oedipus to not jump to conclusion for hi...

Character analysis on Jocasta and Oedipus

Did Jocasta’s skepticism and philosophy become the reason to her own downfall? Yes, in my opinion they did. Jocasta did commit most of her wrongs in innocence, but she did abandon Oedipus on the mountain side and did not even attempt to find out if her son had lived or in fact died, the less she knew the better. This later on caused her to marry Oedipus and fulfill the oracle, which became the e...

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