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Odyssey Essay Examples

Essay on Odyssey

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Gilgamed vs Aeneid

Both plotlines tell the account of a demigod hero with a god-invoked tragic past and their path to a quasi-interchangeable Underworld as a means of catharsis. Considering that these two myths, having been from as much as a thousand years apart and two different regions of the world, have so many striking plot similarities, one must marvel at the power of the story passed through the generations. M...

Foils for Odysseus

Odysseus was a man of wit and courage, one who was unfortunate enough to anger the gods. Even with his unlucky fate of a long homecoming, he was blessed with a loyal and loving family, a family that highlights the various facets of his personality. All of these characters molded Odysseus, just as he molded them through the events of the Odyssey. They reflect his growth as a character with their ow...

Nature vs. Culture in Odyssey

The conflict between nature and culture connects humans’ world with gods’ world, thus makes every story interesting to follow as uncivilized creatures possess human characteristics and civilized human beings possess “limited” superpower. For example, in book 10, when Circe turns Odysseus’s men into pig, Odysseus can only overpower Circe by following Hermes’ instruction: “Take this he...

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Odyssey Review/Essay Questions

- The Iliad takes place in one location: Troy; in the Odyssey, Odysseus visits numerous places in his journey home. 15.Explain how Homer uses chronology in telling the story of Odysseus? =There’s a difference between the chronological order of events in the movie and in the story.In the movie it started the day that Telemachus was born and Odysseus was invited to fight in the war.After the war ,...

"Life of Pi" vs "The Odyssey" Comparative Essay

These two characters both showed strong characteristics to complete their journeys, and while they shared similar stages there is more sympathy towards Pi due to his loss of innocence. By examining the Separation, Initiation, and Departures, they all include important stages for the hero to move on. The general process seems to be that the hero leaves his home to a new unfamiliar place, gains expe...

Epic Hero Analysis (Odyssey)

Despite being legendary, an epic hero is also the same as any ordinary man with longings, desires, and weaknesses. When Odysseus arrives at the land of the Cyclopes, his men advise him to snatch some of the food and leave, but to his and his crew’s detriment, he decides to stay, “Yet I refused. I wished/to see the caveman, what he had to offer-/no pretty sight, it turned out for my friends” ...

10 most important events in the odyssey


Analysis of The Aeneid and The Odyssey

The fact that the bough clung could be interpreted in two ways; for those who were reading it to see the glory of Rome, it could suggest the battle between Juno and Venus with Aeneas caught in between them, and the fact that he does take it down in the end suggests that the gods are in his favor after all. For those who are open to the criticism of Rome, it could be interpreted as the fact that Ae...

Odyssey/Siren Song

Imagery is used in both of the texts to portray the Sirens as beautiful women. For example, from Homer’s first-person point of view, they have “honeyed [and] ravishing voices,” and from Atwood’s first-person point of view, the Siren speaks of the trio as “picturesque” and “mythical.” The Siren that is speaking in Atwood’s poem refers to her trip as “feathery maniacs.” The ima...

Allusion in a Poem Ithaca

This poem is discussing a life journey to a paradise land known as Ithaca. It describes the horrific creatures that you would meet along the way. It also explains that this journey should take most of your life to reach the place called Ithaca. I think that the author is referring to the challenges in life when he talks about the fierce monsters, and that overcoming them will allow you to reach I...

Divine intervention dealing with Greek myths

The goddess Athena is definitely a dominant figure, accepting no authority except perhaps Zeus. When thinking of this outstanding goddess, one thinks of her relationships and extensive contact with many mortals. The Greeks favored her because she was a woman goddess of rare quality. Women were never protrayed with the masculine characteristics of Athena, such as her need for dominance and passion ...

Leadership qualities of Odysseus throughout the book

Alexander the Great's decisiveness is paralleled only by Odysseus, which is another trait that all strong leaders must possess. Another element to a leader that is often present is that of arrogance, as Alexander the Great believed himself to be half immortal, and held himself in comparison with Hercules. Alexander was even known to sleep with copies of Homer's books under his pillow, and drew hea...

"Helen" by Hilda Doolittle

In the first stanza Helen is described with words like olive and white which are both associated with beauty, but she is also described as having "still eyes" which creates the idea of a statue like person. The second stanza becomes more involved with Helen being detested by Greece. She is described as wan and growing paler (white). She is remembering what she did wrong in her past, and this begin...

The Odysseus (movie review)

Some of the bloodiest scenes I've ever seen occur in this movie. Bodies being gobbled up by hungry sea creature and blood splattering on a wooden deck or a Cyclops tearing a body apart to devour it, wasn't horrific yet disturbing. Because it happens during the daytime, the effect is not as intense. I would recommend this movie to those who like Greek Mythology or who want to have a visual referenc...

Relationships between Gods and Mortals in The Odyssey

The Ancient Greeks obviously had relationships with the gods they worshipped in a variety of forms. Not only did some have relationships where their respect was rewarded but others were not so lucky. Others had relationships where the gods were practically indifferent toward them. These mortals took matters into their own hands. But there are also the really unlucky ones, the mortals who had relat...

Criteria for Heroes

Between Achilles and Hector, Hector was the better choice for the title of hero, he was respectful of authority, humble about his success, and was very levelheaded. Achilles had great fighting skill as well. However, he had trouble respecting authority and keeping his cool, both results of his excessive pride. If Achilles had not been so prideful, he could have been a much greater warrior and hero...

"The Odyssey" as didactic literature

The Odyssey, like all epics, is a form of didactic literature. It teaches those who read it and those who hear it. The travels and endurances of Odysseus are not the only stories it recounts. Beneath the surface, one can notice the many lessons Odysseus learns and how his character changes. His journey is symbolic of his growth as a person, and his rebirth as a hero. As the trials become more bru...

Hospitality and Destiny in the Odyssey and Sundiata

The act of hospitality is prevalent in both the Odyssey and Sundiata. Not only do kings of regions and countries practice this act, but hospitality is expected to be practiced by everyone regardless of their social class. Hospitality should be shown towards everyone regardless how the two parties affiliate with one another. Hospitality goes along way in the stories of Odysseus and Sundiata. It cr...

"The Odyssey" - Telemachus' Journey

Telemachus is fascinating as he reaches maturity amidst mounting questions regarding the gods' interest in the mortals. Steady, poised Telemachus, the gallant son of king Odysseus, becomes a man worthy of respect and admiration. He turns out to be well-rounded and respected by his peers and servants, not to mention by his father and mother. He fought side-by-side with the hero father he helped to ...

The Odyssey: Odysseus' heroic/frail qualities

As the epic continues, the characteristics of Odysseus that make him an outstanding hero become obvious: his courage, his leadership and his sharp intellect. He always leads successful victories, disregarding the severity of the obstacles. Even with a tragic flaw, he manages to overcome his challenges and tribulations with strength and wisdom to be called indeed, the greatest hero of all times....

Recklessness in the Odyssey

Then he went on to revealed his true identity to the CyclopsHe suffered the horrible consequences of his impulsive decisions and actions. Several of his men died horrendous deaths. Their limbs were torn and then they were eaten by a monster. When he instigates the blinded giant, he almost ends the lives of his entire crew because the Cyclops hurls a boulder at the boat. Even though it misses, the ...

A reflection of Odysseus and Modern Day Heroes

Many of today's fictional heroes resemble the character traits of Odysseus. Odysseus' brute strength and athleticism can be seen in Neo. His cleverness and quick thinking resemble Captain Jack Sparrow. His sensual ness towards women, but without losing sight of the greater goal is comparable to James Bond. And his pride and thirst for glory is shared with Spiderman and how both of them were able t...

The Relationship Between Telemachus and Odysseus

He openly states that he does not believe himself to be anything like his father: Now we have no man like Odysseus in command. [l. 63] Though he hopes to be as powerful leader of Ithaca that Odysseus had been twenty years ago, Telemachus feels as if he is inadequate for the role. This sense of failure causes Telemachus to have little faith in himself as a man; he refers to himself as a boy when ad...

The ancient greek code of honor as demonstrated in Iliad and Odyssey

WORKS CITED Butler, Samuel. The Iliad by Homer. 27 July 2007. http://classics. mit. edu/Homer/iliad. 1. i. html Butler, Samuel. The Odyssey by Homer. 27 July 2007. http://classics. mit. edu/Homer/odyssey. 23. xxiii. html “Guide to Reading the Iliad”. 1990-2000. http://faculty. gvsu. edu/websterm/Read_Iliad. htm Perry, Marvin. History of the World. Boston: Houghton and Mifflin Company, 1988. Sc...

Epic of Gilgamesh and Hero

In the end, epic hero's of the past and hero's of today all share the quality that everyone of us has; in the end they have human qualities. Hero's battle emotions, hero's change over time, and all hero's are on a quest of some sort. A quest can be as simple as finishing a college education , completing a marathon, or attending a AA meeting. A Quest can be as challenging as battling the fierce mon...

Storytelling in Homer’s The Odyssey and Virgil’s The Aeneid

Both “The Odyssey” and “The Aeneid” are in the form of the dactylic hexameter; they also begin in medias res with an invocation to the Muse. In addition, the epics of Homer and Virgil speak about the fall of Troy. Nonetheless, there are also differences between the storytelling of the two epic poets. Homer’s “The Odyssey” is narrated from the perspective of the Greeks while Virgil’...


In conclusion Odysseus is a true hero even though he was thoughtless, selfish and deceitful. However he had respect for the gods (Athene), a strong sense of duty, (will always go back for his men) showed great honour and was highly regarded by his men and peers. He was a role model for his son Telemachus who wanted to be like him. He also showed great Athleticism which was very important and highl...

Odyssey- Odysseus's Behavior

This quote is showing that Scylla ate six of Odysseus’ best men while they were traveling by her. This was the aftershock of Odysseus not telling his men that they were going to see Scylla in this journey and most likely get eaten. Yet again all of the me were ate only because Odysseus did not tell his men about the ending that they could of all been dead in the end. In conclusion, Odysseus’ b...

The Heroic Journey of Odysseus

The heroic journey, a quest that a character undertakes to become whole and balanced, is in almost all of the stories that were ever written. The departure is the first stage of the journey where the hero leaves their known world and begins their adventure. After the hero undergoes the departure, they then move on to the initiation, where they are put through tests and they venture into the world ...

The Role of Women in The Odyssey

Homer presents this variety of women to portray the different types of stereotypes in ancient Greek society. The first stereotype is the unfaithful, disloyal woman, which is represented by the characters Clytemnestra and Melantho. The second stereotype is the manipulative temptress, represented by Calypso and Circe. The third stereotype is the wise, intelligent, and loyal woman represented by Aret...

The Odyssey Themes

Tradition, custom, belif: O is justified in killing the suitors because they broke the greek tradition of being grateful and respectful of the host. Cyc deserved to get blinded because he was not a good host, O waited outside his house and brought wine for the Cyc as custom O expected gifts but when the Cyc ate his friends O had the right to blind him. ‘Welcome, stranger. You shall be entertaine...

Comparison of Themes: Exercise of Free Will

Indeed, the most desirable means to get something in life is exercising free will that manifests true self and conviction. However, the result may be desirable or undesirable but all depends on one’s philosophy in life. Decision making therefore requires careful planning founded on one’s belief and value system. Reference The Alchemist Summary/Plot Review. LitSum. http://litsum. com/alchemist/...

Meaning of Underworld in the Odyssey and Aeneid

Odyssey’s dead friends the can only tell how they died and got to this dark kingdom. Homer has a gloomy idea of the underworld. Achilles says that he would rather be a living serf and a landless peasant than a King of the Dead. So Odyssey becomes aware of futility of war that sends heroes to this dark place. In contrast, Aeneas returns with the vision of the great future and he is now decisive t...

Parallel Motivations in the Iliad and the Odyssey

And in the very end of Homer’s story, Odysseus used his wisdom to defeat his final enemies, as he was able to maintain his false identity until every threat had been nullified. This is how the Trojan War was won by Odysseus and the Greeks, and how he was able to finally find his way back to his family. Works Cited Homer. The Iliad. trans. Robert Fagles. New York: Penguin, 1990. Finley, M. I. The...

Odysseus: The Qualities of a Hero

This incident is the best proof of how cunning Odysseus is. The protagonist of Homer’s “The Odyssey” is indeed an admirable character. With his physical strength, courage, and cunning, Odysseus has proven himself a true hero after he overcame all the obstacles in his journey. These three qualities make Odysseus a character which readers can look up to. Work Cited Homer. “The Odyssey. ” P...

Odysseus and Aeneus: Travels to the Dark Side

The concepts of opposing and complimentary genders, divine mortal and immortal influence, and pagan and Christian-like theologies and belief systems all contribute to the development of the tales The Odyssey and The Aeneid as well as place meaning and focus on the heroes Odysseus and Aeneus and their travels down into the realm of the dead, giving each character definition and shape in the similar...

Complementing Texts: Homer’s The Odyssey and Dante’s Inferno

The story of heroic travels through the underworld is not a new one, neither was it new when Homer wrote The Odyssey. In the days of passing history and learning through oral means, such stories were necessary teaching tools. However, each culture imposed its morals and beliefs on this kind of tale. The different between these two stories provide an excellent example of how this cultural influence...

Odysseus as a Leader

Homer’s message in The Odyssey is that there are many types of leaders; good ones show success, and bad ones show failure. Odysseus is a good and bad leader and he commits both success and failure. A good leader is honest, driven to success and a role model for others. A bad leader can have good qualities, but is not quite strong enough to stand up for what the leader believes. A leader in the r...

Life is a Gift

By living my life without any doubts, and enjoying my life in the present, I can be sure to live a long, satisfying life, ready for the fate of death for whenever it decides to doom on me. I believe the meaning of life, is to find meaning in our own, individual lives. By waiting for life to come to me, and enjoying the present in a way of happiness, enjoyment, and risks, I can be sure to eventuall...

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