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Odysseus analysis Essay

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‘Odysseus himself, Pheidon said, had gone to Dodona to find out the will of Zeus from the great oak-tree that is sacred to the god, how he should approach his own native land after so long an absence, openly or in disguise. So he is safe and will soon be back. Indeed, he is very close. His exile from his friends and country will be ended soon; and you shall have my oath as well. I swear first by Zeus, the best and greatest of the gods, and then by the great Odysseus’ hearth which I have come to, that everything will happen as I foretell.

This very month Odysseus will be here, between the warning of the old moon and the waxing of the new. ‘ Through Pheidon’s point of view, this passage illustrates Odysseus’ return to his homeland of Ithaca, which is near the end of his journey in Homer’s book of “The Odyssey. ” Also, this passage shows the relation Odysseus had with the Greek gods, notably the almighty Zeus.

In those days, to seek advice from the goods only few had the privilege of doing. This shows that Odysseus was heroic and important in those days.

The next passage which exemplifies Odysseus’ journey is when he first reveals himself to his loyal supporters, Philoetius, and Eumaeus in his home country after 20 years: (Book 21, page 282, lines 200-206) ‘Father Zeus,’ the cowman said, ‘hear my prayer. May some power lead him home! You’d soon know my strength and the power of my right arm. ‘ And Eumaeus added a prayer to all the gods that the wise Odysseus might see him home again. Odysseus, thus assured of their genuine feelings, said: ‘Well, here I am! Yes, I myself, home again in my own country in the twentieth year after much suffering….

‘ This passage is significant in Odysseus’ journey, because this is the first time he is revealing his heroic identity. Odysseus was looking for companions to fight alongside him against the suitors, but he first had to find his loyalists. After Philoetius and Eumaeus genuinely showed their gratitude for Odysseus, he finally reveals himself after 20 years. The next passage takes place during a conversation between Penelope and Odysseus. After a period of 20 years separated from each other, the two finally have time to converse. Odysseus starts with his heroic victory over the Cicones:

(Book 23, page 308, line 310-313) “He began with his victory over the Cicones and his visit to the fertile land where the Lotus-eaters live. He spoke of what the Cyclops did, and the price he had made him pay for the fine men he ruthlessly devoured. ” In this passage, Odysseus describes his heroic journey to the fertile land where the Cyclops lived. He then explains about how he made the man-eating Cyclops’ pay for what they had done. This passage really sheds light upon Odysseus’ heroic side, because he acted for the good of men on that journey. Part 2.

Risk taking: Odysseus is first to act when hunting a pack of savage boars. (When he obtained his infamous scar on his leg. (Book 19, page 261, lines 446-450) “…. Odysseus was the first to act. Poising his long spear in his great hand, he rushed the forward, eager to strike. But the boar was too quick and caught him above the knee, where he gave him a long flesh-wound with a cross lunge of his tusk, but failed to reach the bone…. ” Trusting: Odysseus out Philoetius in charge of his estate’s cattle, which proves that he put trust into his true friends.

(Book 20, page 271, lines 209-211) “…. Odysseus, that marvellous man who put me in charge of his cattle in the Cephallenian country when I was only a youth…. ” Courageous: When Odysseus had travelled to Telepylus, the Laestrygonians had destroyed his fleet, and all his fighting men. Odysseus then had to escape alone on the black ship. “…. Next he told how he came to Telepylus, where the Laestrygonians destroyed his fleet and all his fighting men, the black ship that carried him being the only one to get away… “

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