Octuplets Mom Essay

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Octuplets Mom

Nadya Suleman gave birth to eight children, 6 boys and two girls, on January 26, 2009. Reuters reports that a non profit organization, Angels in Waiting, will provide free assistance to the large family. (Gorman). This arrangement will allow society to help raise this family at no cost to the mother. Society – through donations and tax dollars will support the mother’s decision to have and raise a total of 14 children. Nadya has no job, no insurance, no income, and until recently had no home for her

children. Her irresponsible actions to become artificially inseminated created a situation she could not take care of. That situation being her children. This was not an “unwanted” pregnancy that so many single mothers face. This was not a result of carelessness. This was not a result of the violent crime of rape. This was a person who wanted multiple children because she thought she would be a good mother and always wanted a large family.

She gave no thought to the well being of the children or to their future. She only thought of what she wanted. As a result of her actions she crated a situation where society has to come in and financially pay for her irresponsibility. Through federal grants and support the non profit organization Angels in Waiting will provide the needed care and support this mother needs for her children. This care is being provided through the demonstrated social obligation and responsibility of this non profit

group. Nadya only agreed to accepting the care offered by Angels in Waiting after State Child Welfare agencies were called in to investigate the case. Society has to look past the mistakes of adults to seek the well being of children. The arrangement although costly – is in the best interest of the children. Bibliography Gorman, S. (2009). Reuters. Octuplets mom agrees to outside help for her kids. Retrieved on 16 March 2009 from, http://www. reuters. com/article/domesticNews/idUSTRE5290BU20090310A

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