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October 1 Movie Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (515 words)
Categories: Art, Cinematography, Film, Movie
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October 1 is a Nigerian movie by Kunle Afolayan. The cinematography of the film almost felt like a play. All of the clothes, setting, and features were very spectacular. There were many methods in this film that made the film very fascinating. The angles of the camera, sound, music, clothing, make-up, close-ups and lighting all contributed to the film’s general feel.

Cinematography has played a major part in this film, contributing to the film’s general feel. An important aspect of the film is the rise in tempo, super close-ups, medium close-ups, fading, zooming, monitoring, panning and handheld pictures.

Camera shots like close-ups, medium shots and lengthy shots have led to the film’s drastic behavior. They also gave the viewer a better understanding of what the scenes are attempting to demonstrate.

They used close-up shots in the scenes where there is intimacy or emotion because it brought out the actors feelings. For example, when Prince Aderopo and Miss Tawa mingled on the field, or whenever there is a conversation between inspector Waziri and Sergeant Afoja.

The last would be where the King and his chiefs were warned by the chief priest.

Whenever there was a scene with characters showing expressions on their face or had a certain reaction, close-ups were used as well. In the beginning of the film, Prince Aderopo was sexually assaulting a woman, and there is a close-up on her to reveal the pain and tears flowing down.

The viewer sees that a lot of pain goes with rape as a sexual assault. Long shots in the movie are used to show locations such as the market, church, and the cocoa farm. As there was an Independence Day celebration, they used a long shot to show the people dancing and having a good time.

The director and the workers were really hitting the nail when it came to production. The filming took place in Lagos and Ondo State on October 1. It has been said that Afolayan is paying close attention to detail with his production team. Production was built for cinemas so that the image and sound quality were of the highest quality.

Some of the scenes in the film have been very historic because they have brought in many famous people. This really brought the film to a higher standard. For a Nigerian production, the props were extremely good, from using the old model cars to buses, trains, bicycles, torch lights and the alarm clock that didn’t seem to pass. This film took a lot of time and effort, and the production team really deserves a lot of recognition for setting it all up and making it happen.

To reemphasize, the use of camera angles, sound, music, clothing, make-up, close-ups, and lighting all contributed to the overall feel of the film. The budget they had to make this movie, and the work and props that they used really showed that they made good use of their money. The quality of the film was really good, and technically speaking they used a wide variety of filming techniques to make this film great.

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October 1 Movie Analysis. (2019, Dec 14). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/october-1-movie-analysis-essay

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