Occupational Safety and Health Essay

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Occupational Safety and Health

What is OSHA? OSHA is an abbreviation for Occupational Safety & Health Administration which is a government agency under the U.S department of Labor that helps employers reduce injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace. (____) OSHA is extremely important to the U.S and its labor force in many different ways than one. OSHA assists in safety on the job in several ways such as encouraging employers and employees to reduce workplace hazards, establishing the rights of employers and employees regarding the improvement of workplace safety and health, and also monitoring job-related illnesses and injuries through a system of reporting and record keeping. With the presence of OSHA businesses are required to follow certain regulations and guidelines that not only protect the employees but also prevent any unethical behavior from employers that may result anywhere from a high turnover rate to law suits.

OSHA being this significant to the U.S labor force begins to bring about curiosity of what does the rest of the world practice to assure work-related safety on the job. Through research I have noticed that Canada, one of the United States closes neighbors, uses a system called CCOHS or Canadian Centre for occupational health and Safety. The CCOHS has a vision which states:

“We serve Canadians – and the world – with credible and relevant tools and resources to improve workplace health and safety programs. We encourage you to join us in creating a work world without pain, loss or tragedy. We believe that all Canadians have a fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment. Through our programs, services, knowledge, commitment, and action, CCOHS will continue its efforts to advance health and safety in the workplace” (____)

CCOHS was established in 1978, to promote the total well-being – physical, psychosocial and mental health of working Canadians by providing information, training, education, management systems and solutions that support health, safety and wellness programs. (___) CCOHS is governed by a tripartite Council representing government, employers and employees to ensure a balanced approach to workplace health and safety issues. CCOHS offers a range of workplace health and safety services to help organizations raise awareness, assess risks, implement prevention programs, and improve health, safety and well-being.

Canada’s CCOHS and the United States’ OSHA are quite similar in the respect to fulfilling its obligation to encourage workplace health and safety, and reassure attitudes and procedures that will lead to better-quality worker physical and mental health through an extensive range of products and services. CCOHS provides a selection of public service initiatives at no charge to the user, such as OSH Answers, the person-to-person Inquiry Service, newsletters, and the workscape online discussion board to educate employees of implemented safety procedures and terms of CCOHS.

This is Canada’s procedure to educate and encourage a safe, sufficient work environment. This is similar in term of the many programs that OSHA offers for training/education and the medical management program such as for CTD’s. The medical management program, through OSHA, ensures understanding of early identification, evaluation, and treatment of signs and symptoms to prevent their recurrence and to aid in their prevention. (pg. 53)

In conclusion, we may come to the understanding that both the U.S and Canada aim to complete the same fundamental purpose within the work force which is safety. Although both systems titles may not be the same, they both have the same emphasis of ensuring and improving health programs concerning employers and employees. Both countries take pride in establishing and enforcing mandatory on the job safety and health standards. From my research I feel safe and now more educated while working within the U.S and if ever I were to move to Canada that comforting feeling would remain present.


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