Occupation Essay Topics

Germans Reaction to the British and American’s Occupation

What was the reaction of the Germans to the British and American’s occupation in the West Germany region? The reasons for their occupation of the allied forces could be traced to the causes of the Second World War. After the Second World war was over conflict arose between the soviet union and the united states… View Article

Research Gaming as an Occupation

This research paper attempts to focus on the topic “gaming as an occupation”. Specifically the paper focuses on the Formula 1, race car driving. Formula 1 is a sport that has millions of fans in all the corners of the globe and in my view a research paper on race car driving as an occupation… View Article

Employee Safety, Health and Welfare

The Company has policies and programs to address our employees’ broad range of concerns which includes working conditions, skills training, career opportunities, health and safety, and work-life balance. We have training and development programs suited to our employees’ needs. We also organize programs that support the well-being of employees, allow them to participate in PLDT’s… View Article