Observational Learning Essay

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Observational Learning

The three advertisements used model characteristics, the observers’ age demographic, and stages of development to influence the observer to use their products in their commercials. In the first advertisement, the message the advertiser is trying to convey to the viewer is that it is safe, healthy, and glamorous to smoke Camel cigarettes. The commercial portrays a busy day for the young doctor who barley has time to take a break.

The advertisement says that in “all branches of medicine, all parts of the country, [in a] repeated nationwide survey…” all the doctors chose Camel (http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=gCMzjJjuxQI). The second model is a beautiful woman with a glamorous dress and flashy jewelry, who is smoking a cigarette and slightly nodding her head in approval. Studies have shown that people lend more credibility to models that are, “competent, attractive, likable, and prestigious than from models who lack these characteristics” (Chance, 285).

The message being conveyed in the second advertisement is to drink Pepsi and be just like Michael Jackson. The model in this advertisement is a well known music icon in the prime of his young adulthood. The observer is automatically going to be paying close attention to the music being played and later to the behavior of Michael Jackson. In the third commercial, the advertiser is trying to convey to the viewer is if you use the LG cell phone you will have instant communication with a network of friends and have a successfully managed social life.

The use of a young, beautiful, women makes the observer pay closer attention to her behavior. The model shows how the use of her cell phone allows her to stay connected with the people in her life and helps her to be a successful actress. In all three advertisements the behavior of the models is being positively reinforced. Model characteristics have also shown to be an indicator of how likely the observer is to, “learn from a model’s behavior” (Chance, 286).

I also chose to look at the age of the model within the advertisement to show what stage of life is being portrayed and what audience the advertiser wants to attract, “Perhaps one reason the age of the observer is important is because of difference in the learning histories of older and younger observers” (Chance, 288). Works Cited http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=gCMzjJjuxQI http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=2Md5lPyuvsk&feature=related http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=x9t_efczO7w Chance, “Learning and Behavior: Active Learning Edition”

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