Observation Essay Topics

Child Development Observation

The setting of where I observed the baby was at my house in the family room. The family room can be pictured as a square. The door to enter the house is in one corner of the family room. To the left of the door there is a mirror on the wall and next to… View Article

Botany Lab Report

Introduction This study observed the effects of different body fluids and solutions relative to breaking down bacteria, specifically in the human body. The enzymes we studied, lysozomes, help the body lyse, or break down bacteria by targeting peptidoglycan in bacterial walls. The solutions and fluids studied were saliva, mucus, tears, a stock solution of lysozomes,… View Article

How to Make Your Dream Come True

“No person has the right to rain on your dreams,” said Martin Luther King Jr. People love to laugh at those dreamers who have creative thoughts. They will be called a “weirdo” or “freak.” It happens a lot in high schools. Some of them will give up their dream because they do not want to… View Article

ECH Observation and Assessment

This paper describes anecdotal record and running account that were accomplished by me in order to understand the behavior of Pressley, an eight years old boy. The paper analyzes information about Pressley and presents a series of suggestions about next steps for the teacher to take. Completed anecdotes I was writing are useful in interpreting… View Article

Descriptive Research Article

Descriptive research plays an important role in educational research because it has greatly increased our knowledge about what happens in the classroom. What is descriptive research? Descriptive research can involve collecting quantitative information, or it can describe categories of information such as patterns of interaction when using technology in the classroom. Although it may employ… View Article

Development from conception to age 16 years

E1. 0-3 – Social and Emotional. Babies around the age of 0-3 will learn how to make eye contact, smile and laugh at others, this will get adults attention and start to form good bonds between the baby and mother. Within social development children learn to make friends and understand the importance of social development… View Article


During my clinical observations, I spent a total of 19 hours at the imaging center, emergency room, as well as the computed tomography departments. The facility practices state of the art digital radiography, which is a world away from my original clinical observations of the late eighties when film was used. I found, the advantages… View Article

Naturalistic Observation

For my observation i went to a local child care. There I observed a Three year old little boy named Seth. I observed Seth from 12:30 in the afternoon until approximately 1:10 in the afternoon on Saturday June 8th. The facility was very open inside, and bright. Also the room is very colorful with lots… View Article

Preschool Observation

There is growth and development in a child if he or she shows the necessary skills or milestones for his or her age. This essay is a case study of a pre-school child. An observation was done to determine whether the child has matured intellectually, emotionally and physically with her age. The child, who is… View Article

Observations of an Apple

The assignment was to observe a fruit or vegetable for at least an hour. I thought it was crazy and pointless but not so ridiculous that I would not do it and earn a bad grade. Before I started, I read Samuel Scudder’s essay “Learning to See” where he talks about having to do a… View Article

Setting of the Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

The book is set in a small Texan town (Fentress) that is prone to chronic heat waves. The town is surrounded by greenery, farms and fields. Callie Vee (Calpurnia Tate) often explores San Marcos River. The river was separated from her house by a crescent-shaped field of five acres of feral, uncleared woods. There is… View Article

The Child

Introduction Good afternoon everyone. Today I’m going to talk to you about the high/scope approach in a childcare setting. I’d like to start off by saying for parents I believe a main concern of theirs at this stage of their child’s life if they are sending their child to a childcare setting is finding the… View Article

Child Devlopment

Cognitive Development consists of imagination, sequencing, problem solving and memory, all these are featured in the boy I observed, Aaron King who was the little boy I chose to observe. He is a four year-old preschooler at the above named learning center. I started observing Aaron at the beginning of their circle time. During the… View Article

Setting of Observation

A specific area in a large park. 2:10: Two (2) women stood beside a picnic table over which was covered with a blue plastic tablecloth. They put their purses beneath the table to the far right hand side leaning against the leg. One (1) woman placed rocks at each corner of the tablecloth so it… View Article

Criticism of Quitak’s Child observation

Quitak first explains that she is “working on the assumption that the problematic aspects of our experience contain the maximum potential”. However I think it is important to clarify from the outset, how she reached this assumption, as the reader does not know whether she went into the observation with this belief or whether these… View Article

During an Unsystematic Observation

During an unsystematic observation we evaluate the hypothesis based on the observations that we have. When we observe tings we have to be careful and know what we see without hypothesizing about it. We all use unsystematic observation, every day in our lives. We may not be aware of this process, but it is utilized… View Article

Students in the 21st Century

Conduct an observation of 1-2 hours in a location that is not a school (e.g., mall, movie theatres, athletic or musical organizations, pizza arcade, church, parks) where students congregate and observe: 1. Communication styles (verbal and nonverbal) At our family dinner I noticed that the old kids was not talking to each other. They was… View Article

Synthesis Paper

According to the course syllabus we were introduced to the techniques of psychological research. This course was able to provide an understanding of how research is done, and what methods we can use to do so. By having a clear understanding of research and techniques used, it allows us to communicate effectively in regards to… View Article

Observational Essay

Observations are a type of primary research that involves spending time watching people or other creatures interact with each other and the world around them. Observations are used in nearly every field and can be incredibly useful in gathering information. Types of Participation Before observing, consider how you as an observer may alter the event… View Article

Naturalistic Observation

My observation locations are Starbucks and restaurant. I chose them as my observation location because those are the places where people normally talk, study, socialize and interact in a casual manner. Woman & Woman The first pair I observed is woman and woman. It was in the Starbucks, two Korean women around 19 years old… View Article

Narrative Report

Acknowledgement First I would like to thank for God for the daily life that he given to me, for the good health, wisdom knowledge and power to challenge and face in any problem that comes in my life. To my parents Father Santos and mother Editha for their support, love and encouragement. To Mr. Angelo… View Article

Child Study Paper

The Child Study data I have gathered comes from the observation I have completed at Mission Bell Elementary School. Mission Bell Elementary School is a local school in Riverside. In the P. M preschool class there are 24 students, one teacher, and one assistant. The child I decided to observe is names Zoe. Zoe is… View Article

Scientific Method Matching Exercise Resource

1) a) A scientist, based on his observation of the pond, believes that if a pond is exposed to the waste of an industrial plant, then the growth of algae will be accelerated. 2) b) In her laboratory, a scientist pours a vial of waste water, collected from the industrial plant, and adds it to… View Article

Critical Observation

The aspect of psychological basically relates the scientific explanation regarding the behavioral characteristics and personality issue of an individual as a human being. In this field, the critical aspects of personality development and behavioral characteristics of each person as unique and individual beings are explored relating to their social action and behavior. Included in this… View Article

Graded Assignment

1. Three hypotheses—ecocide, rat outbreak, and climate change—are candidates as explanations of why the society of Easter Island collapsed. Explain each hypothesis, present at least one piece of evidence for each one, and state a lesson that each hypothesis contains for the world today. For each hypothesis, write one paragraph of at least four lines… View Article

Observation of the Toddler Environment

Upon entering the toddler environment, the first thing that I noticed was the classroom atmosphere, which was calm and yet full of educational opportunities for a variety of students. The shelves and materials were organized in sequential order, the shelves were exposed so that materials were easily accessed. If the parents came into the classroom… View Article

Classroom Observation Instruments

The following checklist it based off the Charlotte Danielson Framework. Teacher evaluations are based on four components or domains. Domain 1 is preparation and planning, domain 2 is classroom environment, domain 3 is instruction, and domain 4 is professional responsibility. When completing a classroom observation, only aspects of domain 2 and domain 3 are observable… View Article

Measurement of Time Spent Communicating

The amount of time we spend communicating is outstanding. There have been multiple studies to find the actual amount of our waking lives spent communicating, and the percentage of time we spend in each division of communication. The article, “Measurement of Time Spent Communicating,” is the result of a communication study of employees of a… View Article

Admittance to a radiology tech program

It has not been quite recently when I scheduled and fulfilled the observation requirement, but about a year ago this month when applying for this program last year. The amazing thing about it is that the memory of this day still remains vividly in my mind. It was on this day that I learned the… View Article