Objective Reality Cannot Exist Without Subjective Reality Essay

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Objective Reality Cannot Exist Without Subjective Reality

The topic of Meta-Ethics pertaining to whether moral values are objective or subjective, and whether or not as a society we should be able to intervene on another society if we do not believe what they are doing is morally ethical, is quite a large topic. How can we come up with a solid answer as to whether or not there are universal human values, and whether certain things should be considered right for everyone are very difficult questions to answer, we must be wary as to not insult different cultures, religions and societies. It has been concluded that an objective reality cannot exist without a subjective reality, in order to reach this conclusion, we must first consider that morality is wholly subjective, if this is so, we cannot call anything wrong, what we believe is right or wrong is simply an individual’s opinion on a subject.

As an example, if someone killed several children from an elementary school, if morality is subjective, all anyone is able to say is that from an individual perspective it was wrong, from the perspective of the killer it may have been (in their opinion) the highest moral good. However, if reality is objective, then we can say that what the killer did was wrong. If one believes that killing is something that is truly wrong, then you believe in objective moral value, and in that case one must ask; how far do objective morals stretch, and where do they come from? If one believes that the wrongfulness of killing is simply a matter of perspective, then one should ask; why does society have the right to tell me what to do if morality is merely a matter of perspective? We cannot truthfully choose one way to look at the world, because the world is not black and white, there are many grey areas and many exceptions people would have to their beliefs, because of this we cannot have an objective reality without a subjective reality.

Let us look at the cultural differences on morality, if a North American (male) citizen is asked the question “Should women have the same rights as men?” the answer would more than likely be yes, if however this question was asked to a Saudi Arabian (male) citizen, the answer would more than likely be no. Whose opinion is correct? The North American would say their opinion is, and the Saudi Arabian would say their opinion is. In this situation, do we as North Americans have the right to impose our views on another society when we believe their views are wrong? The only reason one could justify imposing their societies views on another society is if that society is giving a different gender, race, or person’s with a different sexuality the same rights. In this example it would be that Saudi Arabia does not give women the same rights as men.

In this situation human rights and equality are involved, and another society should interfere in order to help the individuals who do not have the equal rights. As North Americans we could say that this is not our problem, and that because it is not our culture or society, we have no right to interfere. Saudi Arabia would most likely agree, we have no right to interfere, and that it is there culture, society and religion, thus it is up to them to decide how to live, but simply put in the case of human rights, it is not a matter of society; culture, or religion, human rights are a universal issue and as people, we cannot let other people be treated as less than us. “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 1)

Simply put, the only articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that should be kept and enforced are those pertaining to human rights, equality and freedom. Any other articles included should be disregarded, and laws should be decided by country. It is very important that we begin to enforce the human rights and equality articles to each country because these are the most important to the human race as a whole, we must advance our societies, and our people together, and societies with more advanced living and understand should willingly help societies that have not yet made it there. We as people should feel incredibly sad, and motivated to help when we see other people who are not being treated as equals, anyone of us could be in that situation, and we should be grateful we are not. We must do all we can as a society to help those in need. It is crucial that all countries begin to work together in order to help those who are not being treated with the rights they deserve.

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