Objective Essay Topics

Who being subjective & whom objective

A rather casual book on English word usage presents the matter of “who” and “whom” with a certain pithiness: “Enter the who/whom debate and you enter a little minefield of anxiety, at least for those who are concerned with accuracy” (Gooden 237). Another book on English usage provides a succinct explanation of the problem, but… View Article

Dutch Golden age

The Netherlands is one of the smallest countries of the world. Even today, it has a population of only 16 million, a number slightly larger than that of the more populous metropolises of this planet. Despite its tiny size and miniscule population, the Dutch have been a major force in global affairs and have influenced… View Article

Objective summary for Mk

The Story MK is about a girl named Jean Fritz who lives in Wuhan, China and then moves to America because of the fighting on the Yangtze River. An MK is a missionary kid who goes to another place to spread the culture of that place. Jean is a young girl who lives with her… View Article