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Object Recognition and Visual Perception

What role does experience play in object recognition and visual perception? Be sure to   include a specific example from your experience?

Experience plays vital role in object recognition, when we recognize object by sense organs, the whole data of product saved in the mind as the shadow of object, it will again come in the mind when we will see the object again by visual perception and at that time theres no need to use all sense again to recognize the object.

So every time we don’t need to use all sense to recognize the object because we judge that from last experience. According to experience will give response. Like when a child touch a harmful or painful thing then shock of the thing will become experience and he will recognize product from the painful experience and will not touch that thing again, (fire). In this way experience play a role in object recognition and visual perception.

How does sensation and perception affect the five senses?

Sensation and perception affect the five senses as we predetermined perception for objects.

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Perception is totally depended upon experience because experience made perception. When we made a negative thinking about a thing, things resemble to that are also came under the same circle. Our thinking about resembled things also changed. We start hating with those things also which affect the senses, because senses may be positive toward that thing but we will not select that thing.

What are the neurological foundations of taste, touch, and smell?

For taste there are gustatory cell present in the taste bud as receptor and taste area is parietal lobe of each hemisphere.

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For touch sense the neurological foundation are receptors present in the skin like Free nerve ending which are sensitive to pain, Root hair  Plexus which respond to touch, Meissner’s  corpusles which also respond to touch, Merkel’s discs which are responsible for touch and Pascinian corpuscles which respond to strong pressure. For smell there are olfactory cell present in olfactory epithelium and olfactory hair or nerves which is connected to temporal lobe of each hemisphere where the impulse are interpreted. How is the human motor system organized?

How is the human motor system organized?

Human motor system contain motors nerve (Efferent) and mixed nerve which carries impulse from nervous system to the efferent organ. For every action the nervous system show reaction through this motor system.

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