Obesity in AMERICA Essay

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Obesity in AMERICA

Reversing obesity
In this article the author talks about how obesity has a connection sense child birth, depending on the child’s diet. If a child is being feed cow’s milk instead of his mother’s natural breast milk his chance of obesity at an older age can be more of a risk and can lead to allergy problems later in life. Also the author gives a list of good foods you should be eating along with a good exercise routine to avoid obesity. Overweight and obesity are shown to increase cancer risk by up to 50 percent. In this article the author briefly discuss about how obesity has rapidly increased over the years and how belly fat can cause certain lines of cancer. The author also describes how fat progenitor cells can turn into various types of cells, and are known to fortify the vessels that provide essential blood to tumors. Prior population studies have shown that there is a correlation between obesity and cancer rates.

Obesity in America: It’s Getting Worse http://clinical.diabetesjournals.org/content/22/1/1.full By Jennifer B. Marks In this journal the author explains how the obesity problem in our country has doubled over the past 4 decades due too are poor eating habits and lack of physical activities. There is also discussion on how health care providers should advise better education on proper eating habits and have a good overall nutrient type diet to avoid obesity, along with keeping an active life style. Also how obesity has a link to diabetic and cardiovascular disease.

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