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Obedience Essay Examples

Essay on Obedience

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Love Obedience Duty

Love, obedience and duty are the fundamental themes of the play Romeo and Juliet. The plot and story is based around these three themes and without them there would be no story. These three are also crucial in shaping the characters personalities as their feelings towards these three issues show the audience what they're like. Love, obedience and duty are also important in the overall meaning of t...

Conformity and Obedience

This type of love can make people be highly obedient and can sometimes lead to self-sacrifice. Sexual love or falling in love can happen in the uniformed public services, and can be seen as bad for obedience as love can blind people. This is why women were not allowed in the armed forces and so were homosexuals until 2000. It was felt that love undermined service discipline. Respect- Within the un...

Obedience to Our Parents

The experiment showed that obedience to authority was the norm, not the exception. Regarding obedience, Stanley Milgram said that "Obedience is as basic an element in the structure of social life as one can point to; Some system of authority is a requirement of all communal living, and it is only the man dwelling in isolation who is not forced to respond, through defiance or submission, to the co...

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Social Psychology Phenomena: Obedience to Authority

Blass mentioned that Milgram believes that causal explanation for a person’s behavior was to be sought I the immediate, concrete, social situation (1998). The other thing that triggers the obedient behavior is when obedience was given the high value place and when the subjects being indoctrinate by some belief. This was portrayed in the twelve commandments use to indoctrinate Nazi youth “The l...

Perils of Obedience Summary

Their predictions were based on the human’s conscience over the authoritative figure’s demands. The findings were dismissed as having no relevance to “ordinary” people considering the subjects used were students of Yale. Colleagues of Milgram claimed that these students were highly aggressive and competitive when provoked. The second set of experiments included professionals, white collar ...

Montessori on Discipline and Obedience

The child should only be guided not forced to progress in all areas within a favourable environment. It is therefore necessary that the teacher only influences the child indirectly. On the way of self realisation the child might not always choose the ideal path. Without the interference of the teacher the child will realise his/her own mistakes and will intend to make the right decision next time....

The Importance of Conformity and Obedience in Every Public Service

In conclusion I believe that the use of Obedience and Conformity play pivotal roles within the Public Services. For one they help install the behaviors expected of those serving within each service. But it can also lead to the following of commands and orders which perhaps may be considered unethical or morally wrong. A key example of when orders go wrong would be the consequences of Adolf Eichman...

Conformity and Obedience: Main Examples

Blind obedience to authority. In the late 1970s Cambodia was experiencing mass genocide. Which killed roughly 2.5 million people. Pol Pot was the leader of the group called the Khmer Rouge. The Khmer Rouge singled out anyone with an education, and ethnic or religious minorities. The Khmer Rouge kept people in make shift prisons where they brutally tortured them. An made the killing fields where th...

Social Influence - Compliance and Obedience


Conformity and Obedience Essay

When we talk about obedience there is always a consequence, no matter how big or small if we choose not to obey then we suffer the consequence or lose out on the reward. Obeying is the act of behaving in a way that we are told; this can be by parents, teachers, police or the government. Obedience is a form of social influence where an individual acts in response to a direct order from another ind...

Outline and evaluate explanations of obedience

Even if it is rooted in someone’s personality to be passive, they can still choose not to obey, the decision would just be harder due to their personality type than it would be for someone without an authoritarian personality. The individualistic explanation could fall either side in the nature vs. nurture debate. Your personality could have been dictated by your genes, and therefore could be re...

Positive and Negative effects of Blind obedience

There are also costs of war which are negative, in the war on terror $100 billion has been spent from America alone so far, this could have easily been spent on something else like saving lives through treatment. Positive There aren't much positive effects to blind obedience; there are definitely more negative effects. Many people that die in acts of blind obedience believe they will go to heaven ...

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