Obama Represents Zeitgeist of 2008 Essay

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Obama Represents Zeitgeist of 2008

Being born in a black-white family, experiencing hardships throughout the child and teen stages, Barack Obama, as the first African American President of the United States, embodied dreams of thousands of people, both black and white. Obama became a symbol of the new U. S. history and personifies the brand new page, which is uncertain for the world, but rather clear for American citizens. What was the turning point in the minds of Americans to choose African American, as a new president? What kind of precondition made them take a man out of former ‘slaves’ and ‘despised’ people?

These answers will be followed up by the closer look at Barack Obama, yet, at this moment, it is clear that Americans have felt the spirit that communicates between black and white, suffering and freedom, revolution and stability – the spirit of 2008. Most agree that Barack Obama has already changed the U. S. and is going to change the world. What is so important in this man and why is he important to the United States? He was hurt at 3-year old age for the first time, when his parents divorced.

As a result of a single-parent family, he was raised up without self-esteem in a segregated environment. There was no one behind or next to him to give a hand in daily hardships; therefore, he became drug addict and trouble maker during the high school. At that time, one could hardly tell that out of this unmotivated and self-degraded teen would raise a state senator, followed by the U. S. senator, and the U. S. President consequently. Though, Obama had no goal in life, because there was no one to show it, the spirit of revolt and revolution had been showing him the ways out of hopelessness.

Being a member of isolated society, he managed to cope with odds and unequal opportunities. ‘Negroes’ were not allowed to attend the same schools, hospitals, institutions, as the ‘whites’ did. It was the page in history, when Obama was born and raised. But, these very restrictions and limitations had paved the way for Obama’s success, making his nature stronger and character unbroken. “77230472_Obama Represents Zeitgeist of 2008” “Page #1”

As was mentioned by Nick Bryant, “to become a history-defying candidate he has been something of a history-denying figure. ” (BBC News) And it is true. At present, Barack Obama had to solve the civil-right paradox, so that he could appear on the U. S. Capitol steps and show the whole world that skin does not matter, inner spirit – that’s what matters. This is the point that united Barack with America – there is no chance for hopelessness. No matter what the world is saying – let him turn away from you; no matter what society is saying – you may change it.

Chance was not on his side, yet he has national identity. Barack Obama, as well as the United States, is focused on freedom, as the utmost human value. This very spirit gave the American colonies fight against oppression and misunderstanding, making the nation #1 in the world. No doubt, America is facing the hard times – shaking economy, unstable oil prices, mortgage crisis and global confrontation, headed by the EU. Yet, we may argue that the United States have already passed more severe tests and can put up with this one, having the right leader and right course.

What is the difference in calling Obama inexperienced or naive, his inspiration reminds people that once the nation had ideals and dreams, had convictions and beliefs. Martin Luther King’s dream for America, which was spoken two years after Obama was born in 1963, is fulfilled now. Some things that seemed impossible are embodied now. Barack Obama, just like the United States, has made a leap over the illicit barrier to make something whole out of broken, to build on sinking ground. The American zeitgeist of revolution has been imbuing Obama, and the election 2008 has reflected the American notion of equal opportunity.

The President of the United States is given a chance to make his values real and reveal life battle on a larger scale. The life of Barack Obama personifies confidence and victory now, rather than destruction and uncertainty at first. Hope to see the same results in the U. S. economy and its place on the global arena, as we look at American spirit that outpours in Obama’s beliefs. Work cited: Bryant, Nick. “How Barack Obama defied history”. BBC News. 5 Nov. 2008. 1 Dec. 2008 <http://news. bbc. co. uk/2/hi/americas/us_elections_2008/7710449. stm>.

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