Obama Care Should Be Taken Away

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Mind Blowing Disaster For America America is on its way to becoming a complete disaster. The legislation that the supreme court failed to pass known as Obamacare is going to destroy the medical system, it’s going to lead to health insurance premiums soaring, it’s going to dangerously increase the size of the government, it’s going to destroy the relationship between doctors and their patients, and it’s one of the largest tax increases in all of American history! Mr.

President, Obamacare is a total disaster for America, and needs to be taken away. Obamacare will destroy the medical system because of doctor shortages. The emerging doctors in America will decrease drastically because doctors will be forced to take pay cuts.

Obamacare has also forced many doctor owned hospitals to be shut down. The outcome of these hospitals being shut down is many of the hospital workers lost their job. Obamacare is going to cause a job shortage not just with doctors, but also with healthcare workers in general.

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The fact that there will be job loss means that the economy that was suppose to have a jumpstart after the stimulus package will be even worse. Unemployment will increase causing the taxes to stay the same or even to increase. My point is, is that with forcing doctor owned hospitals to be shut down Obamacare is simply hurting this country financially than helping it. The affect of Obamacare upon individuals leads to the quality and the increase in healthcare.

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Most Americans will no longer be able to keep the insurance they have. Instead, Americans face the reality of impending transfer from private health care to a government run health plan. The vast majority of Americans reject government run health care because they know it will reduce the quality and increase the cost of health care, stifle innovation, force the rationing of health care, and deprive us of an important part of our freedom. This mandatory, government run healthcare Americans, forces us into a socialistic system like Canada or European countries.

Our country cannot afford to go deeper in debt to pay for this new program. ObamaCare will help dig a deeper financial hole from which our children and grandchildren will never be able to climb out. ObamaCare affects companies, because it affects the price of hiring. “This is basic economics. If you increase the price of labor, companies will buy less of it. Requiring employers to buy health insurance for some workers makes them more expensive, at least in the short run. Particularly vulnerable are low skilled workers, notes economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Manhattan Institute. Because the employer mandate exempts firms with fewer than 50 workers, there’s a huge incentive for firms to stop at 49, she says.” Said Mitt Romney. ObamaCare will hurt the economy drastically. Mitt Romney said, “The ACA discriminates against the young in favor of the old. Government policy already does this through payroll taxes that have young workers subsidizing Social Security and Medicare benefits. The ACA compounds the effect by forcing some young Americans to buy insurance at artificially high premiums that would pay for the care of a sicker, older population.” The financial increase for businesses, individuals, and the government prove that ObamaCare is not good. ObamaCare should be taken out, or at least modified so the future Americans won’t be affected to badly by it. I am one of the up and coming Americans Mr. President and this country will fall hard if you can’t help change or stop Obamacare.

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