Obama Care A Complete Sham

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Obama. When someone hears that name they think about one of two things; how much they love him, or how much they despise him. He has been elected to the presidential office, beating the 1 in 10,000,000 odds. Then he got re-elected, making him the 21st president to do so. Some would say he has to be doing something right in order to have been elected twice to the most prestigious office job in the world. Is that the case though? Or has his presidency been a complete sham? It is littered with scandals and controversies that have the power to have him impeached.

So why is he still in office? November 4th, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama becomes the first African American to be elected president beating out the war veteran John McCain. History was made that day and from that point onward, the Chicago raised politician has continued to make history. His policies do nothing but stir up controversy though. His latest, Obamacare, is by far the worst.

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To begin with, Obama spent his first 2 years trying to implement a universal healthcare system. He did not care about getting anything else done.

What kind of a leader is that? The majority of Americans do not even want a universal healthcare system. And the way that Mr. Obama went about trying to get the Bill done was horrendous. When he first realized that he could not get a firm grasp in congress, he decided to go the public route. This meant he was going to undercut all the insurance companies.

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He wanted to offer health insurance at prices that private firms could not compete with which would intern make Obamacare the only option after driving all the other companies into the ground. His goal was to literally bankrupt private companies to get his system in place. In other words, creating a monopoly, which happens to be illegal. Fortunately, Congress would not let that happen. But Obama was determined, this was his main goal in office repeatedly stating his opinion, “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program,” (Washington Times). That quote was not even said during his presidency, it was 5 years earlier in 2003. His whole goal of becoming president has not been to help the looming national debt; it has been nothing but his own interest in Universal Healthcare. And when he realized that he could not undercut the private companies, he turned to another plan. His next scheme was to try to force companies to raise rates. He put restrictions and regulations on them and forced them to cut services and jack up rates, thus making private insurance way to expensive and forcing the people to look to the government for help.

“Obamacare was supposed to be so utterly complex as to hide the blame for all of its failures, therefore allowing the government and its partners in the mainstream media to place all of the blame on the private insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, technology firms, and anyone that does not work for the federal government. This is where Obama’s plan hit a brick wall, and it has been nothing short of glorious to watch,” (Washington Times). This quote reveals Obama’s whole plan, deceive the people and take over the healthcare system. Americans are not dumb though. We are not going to sit here and put the blame on the private insurers when we see the $643 million website crash and burn. That is obviously on the government and once this system fails, and it will, private insurers will make a comeback. Nobody can kill capitalism; it is the way of the American people. That is what this country was founded on. That is why monopolies are not allowed. Eliminating the competition would cause an elimination of capitalism. America would then spiral out of control and into the hands of an over controlling government, all starting with Obamacare.

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