O Captain, My Captain: My Father As My Role Model

Growing up, I have always resented my father’s strictness, not understanding the decisions he made. Doing things in life that I thought were completely irrational and unreasonable. It was only until I became the captain of my basketball team when I really started to understand my father and the decisions he made.

Both a father and the captain of a basketball team constantly show their reliability to the ones around them. Being reliable is difficult; it takes hard work. Reliable people put others’ needs over their own.

Reliable people must read the needs of others and act on fulfilling them, even when he or she does not truly understand their own desires.

Fathers know what is best for their child better than the child can comprehend. For example, about five years ago during the summer, my family and I decided to stay at my grandparents lake house in Wisconsin for a week. I loved it there. It was so beautiful.

The lake was as calm as laying in bed for a few minutes in the morning before hopping into your day. The trees were as vivid as a bouquet of a thousand different flowers. Before we left, my grandpa dropped off the keys to the lake house. Running late as usual to leave, my father told me to grab the keys and bring them with. About four hours into our drive I realized something. I forgot the keys to the lake house! I fearfully told my dad that I did not have them.

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Right when I said that my dad turned around and started laughing. “Check your front backpack pocket” he said with a smirk. The keys were right there in my front pocket. My dad knew I would forget the keys so he put them in my backpack without me knowing. My father knows me better than I know myself. I can always depend on him even when it is for something as little as remembering to bring the keys.

Believe it or not, the father isn’t the only person who has to be reliable. In basketball, the captain must always be reliable to his teammates and coaches. Being reliable in basketball means having a humble and modest attitude on the court. A reliable basketball captain does not believe that he or she is better than everyone else, but that he or she is open minded and genuinely caring. A captain must be able to know all his teammates strengths and weaknesses and be able to utilize their strengths on the court. He needs to show his teammates that when they leave their clothes on the locker room floor, that their captain will always clean up after them so the team does not have to run. A captain has many responsibilities. And when your captain puts your needs ahead of his and knows you better then you know yourself, then you can rely on your captain.

Not only do fathers and captains have to put others first, but they also have the hard task of being able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Being a role model is sort of implied in the word dad. Especially to children, showing that you really care for them is one of the best things you can give them. To me, my dad is an incredible role model. Of course, my father always tells me how to act in public and communicate with people properly. But unlike most fathers, my dad actually does those things. In everyday life, my dad always acts with proper manners and is always modeling to me how to be genuine and caring to others. To me, being able to actually see my father doing these things is much more valuable than a father who just tells you how to act.

Just like fathers, captains also have the difficult task of not being a dissimulator. Being the captain of your basketball team is more than just a title. The captain has many more responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is being a role model, and not just your typical role model who sits there and acts like they’re better than everyone else, but the role model that actually acts as a leader. But more importantly, the role model who cares for the people around them. The captain never complains to the referee when a call does not go their way because he knows if he does, his teammates will think it is okay to act that way when it is not. A captain never puts his head down after missing a shot, or walk back on defense after missing an easy layup. Being a role model is especially tough in basketball because one must never be a hypocrite. That is not as easy as one thinks. On the court, if the captain yells at his teammates about making their layups or running the plays correctly, and then the captain gets into the game and misses an easy layup or forgets a play, that reflects poorly on him. The captain’s teammates will look down on him and start to lose their trust in him.

Believe it or not, my dad was once a captain too. As I get older, my father sees more of himself in me. He is starting to trust me more and is giving me more freedom to do the things I want to do. The more I want to become my father, the better our relationship gets. The power of his daily actions speak louder than his words. Who knows, I may even find myself in his shoes one day.

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