Nvq 2 Health and Social Essay

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Nvq 2 Health and Social

Personal centred approach is when carers take interest in what service users prefer and use this when providing care. Also, its thinking about the service users choices, right, protecting their privacy and dignity, supporting their independence and working in partnership with them and other colleagues to make the care better. 2. Person centre approach enables individuals with dementia to be involved in their own care and support because carers can talk to the resident and find out how they prefer things to be done, how they like to be spoken to and cared for so staff can give the best care in the way that suits them. Outcome 2

1.Information about personality and life history can be used to support an individual to live well with dementia because if they have a good written history it can help with communication, knowing what the person likes and dislikes if they are unable to tell you. Having a good life history can be used to support and live well because it helps people know more about someone, and look after them better meaning knowing how the like things. Outcome 3

1. All these things make up personal centred approach. Before giving someone care or help with something if we think about all these things and what the service user prefers we can provide the best possible care for them. Also, if we’re providing good care and the service user is happy then they start to feel comfortable and will tell us more about their choices and preferences so we’re able to provide our care at a even higher standard. link

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