Nutritional Study Worksheet Essay

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Nutritional Study Worksheet

Select one of the following topics to research:

Coffee or caffeine
Low-fat diets
Low-carb diets
Other nutrition topic approved by your instructor

Research your topic using 2 nutrition articles that discuss your topic, but provide opposing viewpoints. Use the Internet, the University Library, or the search links provided in the Week 2 Electronic Reserve Readings to locate the articles.

Write 50- to 200-word responses to each of the following questions based your findings. Use your own words and provide examples to support your answers.

1. What topic did you choose? Discuss the position of each of the two articles you selected.

I choose eggs for this assignment. Each artlice talks about different nutritional value of eggs. For example one article focuses on how eggs can affect a persons hunger and in return help them maintain a healthy calorie count which can help them to maintain a healthier weight. The second article focused on how eggs are with cholesterol.

2. What health claims are stated in the articles, such as drinking coffee every day will lower one’s risk for cancer?

The first article I read talked about eggs helping you control a hunger. They claimed that eggs are healthier alternative to control your hunger. They did a study on a group od obese indiviuals who ate eggs with toast and low car jelly, and the second group ate a bagel with cream cheese and nonfat yogurt. Study showed that the group eating eggs was statisfied longer, which in return had them eating less. The second article I read talked about how eggs don’t affect your cholesterol. They had two diferent groups of healthy adults. The first group ate eggs for breakfast and the second group ate oatmeal. The study showed that eggs didn’t affect there cholestreal, it didn’t rise or lower it.

3. Do any of the articles’ claims seem too good to be true? Does it seem that the authors are seeking personal gain in any way? Explain your answers.

I don’t think the articles seem to good to be true, they compared to different groups to one another to see if there hypothesis was either supported or not. They didn’t seem one sided, or trying to get personal gain from the statemetns. They were done by different schools, they were tring to better understand eggs, and the health of individuals.

4. What are the respective sources of these articles (testimonials, peer-reviewed study)?

Both my articles were study completed by different schools such as Yale, and Saint Louis University. I would trust these sources the articles where put togethere by Science Letter Editors, “NewsRX”. So they were studies completed by different Universitys, which is how we obtain a great deal on other medical information.

5. Is the information presented in each article new or has it been studied extensively over time, achieving the same results?

Both articles did there study over time. The first study about eggs affecting your hunger, they randomly separated the obese indiviuals in the study into two different groups had them eat the different breakfast meals prepared for the study. The study for the eggs affecting cholesterol as well was done over time, they separated the healthy adults into two groups. They did mention in the article though that they did see the indivuals eating oatmeal had lower cholesterol.

6. Now that you have gone through the details of each article, do you have any reservations about the information in either one? If so, explain why. Has the process of analyzing the two articles changed your opinion on the topic? Explain your answer.

I never thought much about eggs filling you more then other foods. I do eat eggs for breakfast I just don’t eat too much because I tend to get tired of them quickly. However I have heard things about how they affect your cholesterol, since I am young I am not concerned about my cholesterol levels. However now reading an article about a study that has been conducted I am informed so I can compare the knowledge I gained from it to other articles I may read in the future.

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