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Nutrition – Food Essay

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Nutrition – Food

Thesis Statement
Most of the college students have unhealthy food preferences. Topic Outline
I.Influence of Media
A. Calorie-dense foods are extremely rewarding to consume.
B.Causes greater snack food consumption.
II.Income of an individual
A.Eating healthy is expensive.
B.Low income individual eat and buy cheaper foods.
A.Fast and easy access
1.Delivery services
2.Ready to eat foods
a. frozen foods
1.)TV dinners
2.)shelf-stable products
3.)prepared mixes
B.Saves time

Food, in order to serve its purpose, should first be consumed. Under normal circumstances, food is consumed only if it is palatable enough for the consumer. It therefore becomes a great responsibility of one who prepares and serves food to make the food palatable besides being nutritious and safe. Food habits do not develop in a vacuum. Like other forms of human behavior, they are the result of many personal, cultural, social, and psychological influences (Williams, 1974).

Nowadays, teenagers choose food they like without considering about it contains. Because of busy life, they choose fast food, snack which is non-nutritive over nutritive-rich ones like rice, meat, and do not care if it shortens their life, damage their health or cause many diseases. There are numerous factors that affect the food habits of each person within a culture. Some of this is the societal factor and the lifestyle factor. In societal factor, the food production and distribution system are responsible for the availability of foods which differs from region to region and country to country.
Food availability influenced by the socioeconomic and political systems. On the other hand, in lifestyle, both availability and control of food at the societal level affect the lifestyle factors of individuals. These factors includes income, occupation, place of residence, regional differences, religious beliefs, health beliefs, physiological characteristics, puberty, gender, person’s state of health and lastly, the household structure and composition (Kittler & Sucher, 2004).

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