Nutrition and The Journey of Life Essay

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Nutrition and The Journey of Life

Caring for and fueling our bodies requires for the mother to take prenatal vitamins in order to meet us to keep a balanced nutrition. Just as our bodies The nutritional needs of the growing fetus. need the right nutrition’s so does a embryo, futons and baby in order to grow and develop properly.

Nutrition and pregnancy The mother must make good nutritional

The first eight weeks after fertilization which choices such as eating foods such as the ones is known as the embryonic stage the embryo gets its illustrated above rather then processed foods and nutrition from the lining of the uterus, but after week snacks that will provide little nutrients, these good 9 of development the growing fetus will get its nutritional habits can be practiced after birth and oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. Can be taught to the baby.

The fetus is growing everyday which requires a If the nutritional needs of the fetus are not met variety of nutrients such as calcium, copper, folic acid, several health concerns may occur such as iron,vitamins A, B6, C, D and E. The demand for these Complications with fetal development, fetal size nutrients by the fetus will have to be met by having a organs, brain, and may cause a miscarriage and proper and Healthy diet, but it may also be necessary death of the infant and or mother.

Post Birth Nutrition Additional Information

From conception to birth the process of creating Having the proper knowledge of the nutritional baby requires a lot of energy and nutrient for the mother needs of the body before conception and post and the developing fetus, after the birth of the baby the child birth is very important for the well being newborn will continue to need nutrient in order to grow of the mother, fetus, and baby. The are several and develop. The baby will receive it nutrient from milk resources that people can use to learn more for the first year of its life so it is important to decide about the nutritional needs of the mother and weather the baby will consume breast mil or formula. fetus, listed below are some of these resources.

Breast milk VS. Formula 1. Breast milk is the perfect food for babies it contains all 2. Medline Plus webpage and call center the nutrients that the baby will need to grow and 3. Baby center develop . Unlike formula breast milk contains properties 4. Seek the advice of your doctor that protect against infections such as white blood cells also breast milk can pass on immune shots that the mother may receive such as a flu shot. Formula are getting better through he years to mach the ingredients found in breast  milk such as DHA and ARA.

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