Nutrition and Body Essay

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Nutrition and Body

All macromolecules are essential to the body. One has to have the right amount of all of the macromolecules in order to be healthy. It is believed that high protein diets with carbohydrate restriction causes weight loss. However as a result of high protein diet, one damages his/her kidney which is responsible for filtering proteins from blood. In the article, Janine says, “If you eat too much proteins and not enough carbs you can ruin your kidneys forever.” I agree with Janine, one has to have enough carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are important in the body as they provide energy for short term storage. However if one does not have enough carbohydrates in his/her diet, it affects the brain. Glucose from carbs is the fuel that brain uses to produce energy that moves and motivates one therefore one has to have glucose in the body. Mitchell has this misunderstanding about carbs and fat. Mitchell thinks that if one cuts down on carbs, he/she is actually training the body to burn fat instead.

Fats and carbohydrates are two different things. If one is gaining weight, that’s because of calories. The amount of calories one takes causes obesity. Obesity is linked with poor body image. A positive body image is maintained by eating foods that contain fewer calories in it. A person’s weight is affected by genetic inheritance, nutrition and physical activity. Perceived body size is affected by media, puberty, and peer groups. All these factors affect body weight and perceived body size. Metabolism refers to all chemical processes that go on continuously inside the body. The amount of kilojoules your body burns at any given time is affected by your metabolism. Thyroid gland located below the larynx produces thyroid hormone which controls metabolism, growth, body temperature, muscle strength and appetite. Homeostasis is the process used by the body to maintain a stable internal environment.

Hormonal regulation of metabolism such as when blood sugar levels rise in the body, insulin is secreted by the pancreas to covert glucose into glycogen, and when sugar levels in blood fall, glucagon is secreted by the pancreas to convert glycogen into glucose. If people have high blood sugar, they get diabetes. If people have low blood sugars, they get headaches, hunger, pale skin etc. Maintaining a normal blood sugar level is very important in the body. In the article, Mitchell says, “I get pretty hungry and I was getting headaches.”

I think it’s because of having low blood sugar level. Mitchell has high insulin and less glucagon hormone in the body. The advice I would give to Mitchell is to stop dieting and eat healthy foods that contain fewer calories. Mitchell needs to have physical exercises, healthy foods and self-concept.

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