Nursing Scholarship Essay Essay

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Nursing Scholarship Essay

“The pursuit of happiness” isn’t that what we all strive for? Some find it in family and friendship; some find it in love and others in money and work. I find happiness in knowing that with much determination and will power I have been able to pursue my lifelong dream of being a nurse. The medical field is an area of constant change and evolution in society on a daily basis thus producing great challenges to those who take healthcare seriously. My goals for pursuing my educational advancement are first and foremost to continue to grow; stay equipped and continue to care for my patients with the utmost quality and knowledge. Being a nurse has been such a privilege to me and an opportunity to share the gift of love through compassionate care to people who are hurting.

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I originally “fell in love” with the ministry of nursing as a young girl during my studies about Florence Nightingale and her service to our military men. Not only did she administer first aide to the soldiers on the battlefield she also tended to their souls. I knew that nursing was my calling and that Florence Nightingale would be my mentor. As I grew older and life circumstances led me to being a single mother raising two children, I decided to add another level of fulfillment in my life and pursue a career in nursing. This decision was not easy but motherhood not only gave me a fresh sense of purpose and passion for life it was also the motivating factor to choose nursing as a reliable career. Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present. Therefore; pursuing my educational advancement in nursing is my design for today.

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