Nursing Profession: Diversity in the Workplace

Having a profession in nursing requires a lot. Your duties are not only about caring for the patients, treating and educating patients about various medical ailments. It involves offering emotional support and advice to patients and their families.

Firstly, in order to be a nurse, you need to obtain a Bachelor`s Degree in Nursing. During the study, you learn about anatomy and human development while at the same time gaining extensive supervised clinical experience. Upon graduation, nurses go through a State`s exam which of course ought to be passed in order to obtain a Nursing License.

Secondly, as an employee at a medical facility, it is important to adhere to safety rules and routines. For Example, participating in appropriate training gives a vast understanding of procedures and help minimize mishandling of medical care. It is highly recommended to follow the employer`s health and safety policies. This help in reducing accidents in handling patients with serious medical diagnosis.

In addition, it is highly recommended to correctly use any personal protective equipment.

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For instance, gloves and other protective gear. This only does it help you as a nurse but helps a patient at the same time especially, in cases where by a patient has a highly compromised immune system, already that any type of contact with foreign microbes would be lethal.

Moreover, employees are highly advised to report any injuries, strains or illness they may have sustained at work. This helps in making sure that all proper procedures are adhered to in the case of having to attend to patients.

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Employees are also encouraged to strictly follow hygiene regulations to avoid contamination.

As an employee in a medical field, you have rights like everyone else. For example, you have the right to leave when you feel threatened as well as the right to benefit from healthy and safety rules.

Workplace diversity has two complimentary meanings. On one hand it means having people from different cultural backgrounds working in the same place. On the other hand, it means that employees need to provide equal opportunities to all candidates when it comes to promotions, recruitment and employment.

Some of the benefits of diversity are, having access to a bigger number of potential employees, More flexible working practices, improved reputation and better morale among employees. This suggests that work place diversity can have a positive impact on the work environment, making people more motivated and productive.

However, when it comes to the impact of diversity in the workplace on safety, there can be some challenges. The challenges mainly come from the language barrier. Employees that lack the language skills may not understand safety warnings and regulations very well. Therefore, a recommendation of pictures and simplified

instructions and providing basic training to employees would be ideal. This will lead to increased productivity at work, reduced accidents and improved loyalty. Workplace diversity can sometimes promote more tolerance, inclusion, and open mindedness. But it can also lead to conflicts due to cultural misunderstandings, prejudices and language barrier.

To sum up, I would suggest that employees from diversity background are encouraged in expressing their ideas and opinions at this will attribute to sense of equality and belonging.

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