Nursing Call Light Systems


The technology selected for analysis is nursing call light systems. It is a technology that enables patients to send messages to nurses on duty by pressing a button and without moving from their beds (Galinato et al., 2015). The device is attached to the wall or to the bed. Setting in which technology is used

How is the technology used?

The technology is used in a setting where patients have to request assistance from nurses. It is used in nursing facilities to create a connection between patients who are bed-ridden or unable to move, and the nursing staff.

It is an effective tool in nursing environments where patients feel that they need some kind of attention (Meade, Bursell and Ketelsen, 2006).

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Patients must be aware of their surroundings and of themselves.

Why analyze the technology?

The technology was selected for analysis as it provides an easy method of communication between nursing personnel and their patients within the hospital. The technology is interesting as it means that nurses can be quickly alerted by patients whenever they feel uncomfortable about their health situation.

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It could be an effective tool for enhancing health care delivery due to the presence of a continuous communication link between nurses and patients. During emergency situations, quick response from nurses could aid in preventing further deterioration of patients’ health as they are notified quickly of any problems.

Purpose of technology

The technology provides a tool through which patients can easily and quickly alert nurses that they need some form of assistance (Meade, Bursell and Ketelsen, 2006). The assistance may be medical or non-medical. Call light technology serves as an easy and quick communication channel between patients that are in their rooms and nurses. Once an alert is received by a nurse, a response through going to the patient’s room can be made in order to determine the specific reason for making the call.

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