Nursery school Essay

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Nursery school

My role is to deliver a duty of care as outlined in my job description and to ensure I do this to the best of my ability, whilst observing and keeping in line with the settings, policies and guidelines. This is necessary for the smooth running of the pre school and welfare of the children in its care. How I carry out my duties has an effect on the Service Provision. By following good practice, you provide appropriate care, if I did not individuals would suffer.

I supervise the children to a relevant standard, as outlined in the Child Protection Act along with health and safety policy, staff should watch the children closely to prevent and minimise any injury. Young children will often overlook the risk involved when challenging their own ability. Ensuring all paperwork is undertaken and completed on time and that all progress reports, records, transfer deadlines are met on time.

This enables us to maintain up to date records, identifying the children’s individual needs, abilities and progress which in turn we use as a focus for future planning. My observations enhance this procedure as a key worker as I am continually assessing my key children’s progress and the effectiveness of the learning environments. By attending regular training, it improves my skills and knowledge and develops a positive attitude that enhances the general upkeep, tidiness and cleanliness of personal contributes to the general well being of the team.

My own role would link to the wider sector via liaison with professional agencies, if through my observations, a problem has been highlighted it may have to be referred to another agency to enable the problem to be dealt with by specialists. Similarly if a child comes to the nursery with an existing condition, we would liaise with the correct agency for the on going treatment already in place. I would be able to provide evidence so that the agency can support the child appropriately.

It may mean following up the work of other professionals by adopting a particular programme or it may be that it is simply to work with them for the benefit of the child. ? •Supervise pre-school children within my work setting •Plan and prepare resources •Support and help develop children’s development •Be flexible in my work role •Liaise with parents/carers, staff members and outside agencies •Uphold pre-school rules •Child welfare •Keep up to date with policies, procedures and training programmes •Help record, contribute and evaluate individual progress.

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