Nurse Motivation Letter

“Oh God, my IV needle has slipped out again. Nurse Sammy!” My ears prick up to the sound of my name as I rush over to the sickly patient’s bed. I am on full alert as I assess the situation; ready to aid in the comfort and restoration of my patient’s care. My primary goal for going to school is to enter into my dream career. That career is nursing. I believe that my destiny in life is to become a Travel Registered Nurse for two years, and then to excel towards many years of being a Head Nurse in a hospital.

My next course of action is to become a Nurse Practitioner and owning my own practice where I specialize in preventative care for the public. That’s why I would like to enter the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

If I am able to open my own Nurse Practitioner practice I can employ like-minded individuals whose belief is that compassion for the public is essential to proper health care practice.

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Nursing is an exciting, fast-growing career field where there are so many options to choose from. For instance, I can select whether I want to work in a Kindergarten through twelfth-grade school or a regional hospital. Perhaps I’ll prefer to work in a military camp or within a nursing home. I can also decide on whether I come in for morning shifts, evening or afternoons. I have the ability not only to help others but to live a comfortable life for myself fiscally.

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With my hefty income, I would have less financial stress than I do now. I have spent the majority of my life seeing my mom struggle while working pay check to pay check. Nursing is a financially stable career endeavor because they are paid well and are always in need due to shortages in hospitals and clinics around the United States and globally. Attending school is so significant to me because it opens up new opportunities and skills I wouldn’t be able to develop without it. For example, I am able eligible for work study.

I can study while I am in college while working a flexible job. Another example is that I can network during on and off campus social events with influential people from my future career field. That, in turn, can create prospect job or internship openings for me. And with education, aside from all the above benefits of my future career, the best gift most of all is the gift of caring for people before they are sick, while they are sick and after they have recovered which makes me drive full force when I think about why I am in school.

That is my motivation, my ultimate goal. My courses are designed to ready me for my future aspiration of becoming a nurse. From my critical thinking class that supports my out-side-the-box problem-solving skills; to my Chemistry class teaching me about all the elements on the Periodic Table, I am able to learn in new, refreshing ways. Quite a few of the classes I’ve already completed have helped me see the world and my future career pathway in a new light. One of my most recent favorites has to be Psychology.

Psychology was a real eye opener! In class, I was now privy to the assessment of people in their natural habitat. I no longer was one person with one perspective I also was looking into the minds of people and what made them tick. Now some of my why’s, how’s, and what’s were being answered and I just thought that was a fascinating thing about the subject. I hope this semester Sociology will blow last semester Psychology out of the water. To remind myself when I am staying up late at night to finish a Nature versus Nurture essay paper or the minute I’m stuck on a math problem in College Algebra or Statistics; I’ll be thinking about all the great I’ll do when I’m finally a part of such a noble profession as nursing!

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