Numbers Essay Topics

Number Sense, Numercay & Place Value

Once a basic number sense has developed for numbers up to ten (see Developing Early Number Sense) a strong ‘sense of ten’ needs to be developed as a foundation for both place value and mental calculations. (This is not to say that young children do not have an awareness of much larger numbers. Indeed, there… View Article

Race by the Numbers

In his article, “Race by the Numbers”, Orlando Patterson argued about the misinterpretation of the census results and that this misinformation is having negative effects on the perspective of the people. The misinterpreted part of the census, according to Patterson, was the idea that the population of the Whites is becoming the minority in many… View Article

Boony Doon Case

CASE FORMATTING RULES AND CONTENT GUIDELINES/ CASE QUESTIONS FOR BONNY DOON VINEYARD I Formatting rules The case write-ups should be typed and double spaced, 12 point font (Times New Roman), normal margins with a maximum length of 5 pages which you can split between text, numerical tabulations or appendices as you see fit. You should… View Article

Thai Government’s First Car Scheme

In an article entitled “Fuming over first-car scheme”, Pichaya Svasti presents her opinion against the government’s first-car scheme. Firstly, the author claims that the government’s first-car scheme has caused traffic more congested. The program allows new car buyers to claim tax rebates of up to 100,000 baht per vehicle per person. And as of Dec… View Article