SESHANWITA DAS . This project report has the requisite for the partial fulfilment of the undergraduate degree[H]. To the best of my knowledge no part of this report has been reproduced from any report and the contents are based on original research. FACULTY GUIDE: MS. SESHANWITA DAS ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have helped me in making of this project.

I would like to thank my Industry Guide MR. SHAILENDRA KUMAR PAL for his painstaking efforts and inputs in the making of the project. I would also like to thank my family for constantly supporting me and giving their valuable inputs on the project. I would also like to thank NOVABASE DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT PVT. LTD. for providing me with their annual reports and necessary data required for making this project. NAME: MUSKAAN JAIN COURSE: B.COM(HONS) ENROLLMENT NO.: A304617320 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report is about my internship with NOVABASE DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT.

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The major aspects of company that could be identified have been discussed in the report. The organizational structure, different departments some analysis have also been discussed in the report. During my internship I worked with the different departments of the company to get know more about how different departments function. Chapter 1 of the report consists of a brief introduction to the company and objectives of the internship training are provided. The main purpose of internship was to gain practical knowledge about the functioning of work and meeting professionals working in the field for many years. This training has really helped me in knowing my capabilities and my weaknesses. This chapter also gives a brief introduction about the products and services offered by novabase digital entertainment to its customers. Chapter 2 consists of the organization structure there is not much to explain about the structure, the designations of each head of the department are given in this chapter. Chapter 3 consists of different functional departments this chapter consists of a brief introduction about each functional department their roles and responsibilities and any drawbacks if there. Each department has work allotted and excel in their work and together work towards the goals . My internship training included meeting with heads of different departments and I got to know a lot about their roles and responsibilities. During my internship I was introduced to a Sales And Marketing department .Its function was unique and played a major role in the company. This department really got my interest. Chapter 4 consists of analysis of the company. The tools used for analysis are trend analysis, market share analysis, SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, porter’s five force model, while conducting the analysis data was used this analysis helped to get a better picture. SWOT analysis include scanning of internal as well as external environment. BCG matrix helps identify different business units and differentiate the business units. Porter’s five forces model is a model that helps to identify the forces that affect the working of the organization and is a highly regarded strategy tool. Chapter 5 consists of key findings and suggestions. In this chapter there are some suggestions that company may lack. These suggestions are what I think that the company must take to attract more customer for the company. Chapter 6 consists of conclusions and results. This chapter mainly focuses on the conclusion of my internship training and about my experience in the companying world and conclusion on Novabase Digital Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Last are the references. They are primary sources that are used for conducting the analysis of the company. CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION Novabase Digital Entertainment is easy-to-use, on-screen Interactive Channel Guide puts you in the driver’s seat with control and convenience. It’s totally customizable to viewing lifestyle and offers incredible search flexibility. People can scan the schedule for all listings and descriptions for the next three days. Search by time, by program type, by channel type. This network sets a new standard in video and audio delivery to the home. See digital crispness. Hear digital clarity. Whether you connect your Digital Cable through a home theater system, or simply through an ordinary television, you’ll appreciate the difference digital quality makes. And people enjoy it without the weather interference problems of satellite services. Digital Cable is hardwired right into the houses through the existing Cable connection for consistently clear viewing, unlike satellite dishes, which are affected by weather conditions. Plus, no need to install an unsightly dish on your home. Nova Base Digital is a Digital Cable provider of commercial products and services. INTRODUCTION NOVABASE DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT Novabase was registered and started its operation in 1990 on Analogue mode. Novabase received multi system operation in 2012 and now it is in a process of getting digitalization done through its own installed headend in New Delhi. It utilise state of the art technology for providing multiple television signals. To enhance the customers viewing experiences it has various product lines. Novabase Digital Entertainment Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U93000DL2012PTC241397 and its registration number is 241397. 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF SUMMER INTERNSHIP The objective of the summer internship program is to get an experience of the various sector and to gain knowledge about how the it works, what products are offered by the company how the targets are achieved and gives a privilege to meet professionals who are in the field of their sector. Working with professionals not only increases knowledge but also helps to find a better way to work and handle stress in month end situations. “Assist the student’s development of employer-valued skills such as teamwork, communications and attention to detail. Expose the student to the environment and expectations of performance on the part of in professional practice, private/public companies or government ensntities. Enhance and/or expand the student’s knowledge of a particular area(s) of accounting. Expose the student to professional role models or mentors who will provide the student with support in the early stages of the internship and provide an example of the behaviours expected in the intern’s workplace.” CHAPTER-2 PRODUCT LINE Analogue cable television Digital Cable Television Broadband Local Television Channels BOARD OF DIRECTORS Inderpreet Singh Hardeep Singh Choudhary Arvinder Singh Arshdeep Singh Mundi Tanveer Singh Toor Praveen Kumar Manjyot Singh Mann Yogesh Sharma OUR PHILOSOPHY · We believe in “let us grow together” OUR VISION · Dedicate to create value by being an inspiring &reliable partner to our customer &stake holders. OUR POLICY · To supply the best quality services at a competitive price and at right time. OUR MISSION · To consistently exceed customer expectation by manufacturing quality products through innovative manufacturing & engineering methodologies. OUR AIM · One install maximum setup boxes around and provide them with best as well as quick facilities. CHAPTER-3 FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENT 1. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT HR department of Novabase Digital Entertainment is very versatile. Employees of the company are the biggest strength and asset of any organisation and the HR department realizes this very well. This is very evident from the way the HR department manage all its employees. They have continuous development programs for all the staff member. The HR job includes · RECRUITEMENT · INDUCTION · COMPENSATION · REWARDS · APPRAISEL · TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT FINANCE DEPARTMENT This is the division of the organization which is fundamental incharge of overseeing finances of the organization. Fundamental elements of finance division are budgeting, banking, hazard management, money control, cash inflow outflow and money related to administration. ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT: The job of accounts division incorporates the following: Book keeping Maintaining ledgers Maintaining and overviewing stocks Updating Deliveries Installment dates of the customers Customer’s Account Total sale amount recieved MARKETING AND SALES DEPARTMENT The marketing department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission in an organisation. It serves the face of the company, cordinating and producing all materials representing the business. It is the marketing department job to reach out of prospects, customers, investors and community, while creating and overarching image that represents the company in the positive light. DUTIES OF MARKETING AND SALES DEPARTMENT: Defining nad managing brand Conducting campaign management Producing marketing and promotional materials Monitoring and managing social media Producing internal communication Serving as medium liaison Overseeing outside vendor and agencies Comparing services rendered by other companies After sale services How to make it a better experience for customers SERVICES PROVIDED TO CUSTOMER Customer Care Helpline Reaching and being accessible to our customers will become the biggest challenge. To overcome the same, we have to maintain a standard of service, which is universal across chains. A customer care Help Line will prove to be this medium between customers and stores. Delivery They even provide door to door service, after sale services and product knowledge time to time to the customers. CHAPTER-4 COMPANY ANALYSIS 1.SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS: Efficient supply chain, high customer satisfaction value and loyalty. Increase in the setup box users. Provide packages for all type of families and in interest of every income group. Direct broadcast satellite duopoly. Enhances television viewing experience to the customers and provide high quality vision. WEAKNESSES: High capital expenditure is required to provide better quality of experience and services to the customer. Over leveraged financial position. Subscriber acquisition cost remains high throughout. Bad weather often creates trouble to the staff and the customers. OPPORTUNITIES: Offer premium packages and help people to choose best combination of channels. Demand from emerging markets can help in growth. Increasing awarness among the people about the compulsion of installing setup boxes in their houses. Emergence of new channels and various other gaming options in them. THREATS: Lower cost competitors and imports. Disputes among network provider and satellite companies over carraige fees. Competition due to wireless cables ang greater services. Challenge from traditional cable companies 2.PESTEL ANALYSIS PESTLE analysis is an analytical tool used for strategic business planning. It is a strategic framework for understanding external factors on a business. This sector is also affected by the six principles of PESTEL analysis. POLITICAL FACTORS: The revenue and profitability are affected by government policies. These regulations impact the economy, trade laws and consumer buying habits. Each company is abided by their political regulations. ECONOMIC FACTORS: A more grounded economy enables purchasers to purchase items they need. Financial elements significantly affect how an association works together and furthermore how gainful they are. Variables incorporate monetary development, trade rates, expansion, and financing costs, etc. SOCIAL FACTORS: These are also known as socio cultural factors. These are the zones that include the mutual conviction and demeanors of the populace. Social elements are exceptionally compelling as they directly affect how advertisers get clients and what drives them. The primary social components influencing the retail business is the purchaser inclination. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS: We as a whole skill quick the mechanical scene changes and how this effects the manner in which we advertise our items. Innovative components influence advertising and the administration thereof in three particular ways: Better approaches for delivering merchandise and enterprises Better approaches for dispersing merchandise and enterprises Better approaches for speaking with objective markets ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: These components have turned out to be significant because of the expanding shortage of crude materials, contamination targets, working together as a moral and feasible organization, carbon impression targets set by governments (this is a genuine model were one factor could be classes as political and natural simultaneously). These are only a portion of the issues advertisers are looking inside this factor. An ever increasing number of buyers are requesting that the items they purchase are sourced morally and if conceivable from a feasible source. LEGAL FACTORS: This factor incorporates promoting guidelines, purchaser rights, item wellbeing and naming, equivalent chances, etc. Organization should need to comprehend what is and what isn’t lawful so as to exchange. Every nation has its very own arrangement of principles and guidelines so if an association needs to exchange all inclusive; they need to remember those standards. 4.2.BCG MATRIX BCGmatrix is a 4 celled matrix developed by Boston Consultancy Group, USA. Used by corporates as a portfolio analysis tool. It’s a 2×2 matrix that helps business in its portfolio on the basis of relative market share and relative market growth rate. It is a 2 dimensional analysis of managements strategic business units, and a comparative analysis of business potential and the evaluation of environment. This matrix helps to classify business as high or low on the basis of industry growth rate and relative market share. PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL Porters five force model is an administration device that is utilized to comprehend the force that influence the earth of your association. This device was made by Michael Porter to examine industry engaging quality and likely benefit. It is profoundly viewed as business technique apparatus. Business will in general keep a watch on their rivals, yet this model urges to look past the image and investigate what different components can influence the business execution. THREATS OF NEW ENTRY: ? Barriers to entry ? Brand loyalty ? Economies of scale ? Capital requirements ? Switching costs ? Government policies THREATS OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS: ? Number of substitute products available ? Buyer propensity to substitute ? Relative price performance of substitute ? Perceived level of product differentiation RIVALRY IN THE INDUSTRY: ? Numbers of competitors ? Diversity of competitors ? Industry concentration ? Brand loyalty ? Quality differences ? Industry growth POWER OF SUPPLIERS: ? Number of suppliers ? Uniqueness of each supplier’s product ? Focal company’s ability to substitute POWER OF BUYERS: ? Number of customers ? Price sensitivity ? Size of each customer order ? Buyer’s information availability ? Buyer’s ability to substitute PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL OF THE COMPANY FIVE FORCES HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW BARGAINING POWER OF BUYER LOW BARGAINING POWER OF SUPPLIER HIGH THREATS FROM NEW ENTRANTS HIGH TREAT FROM SUBSTITUTES HIGH RIVALRY AMONG COMPETITORS MEDIUM

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