Nowadays the effect of modern society have clearly shown on human society

Nowadays the effect of modern society have clearly shown on human society after 1950’s; however, there still have people live in minority types of family role in the united states and others Asian, Middle East, and Africa are known that man as breadwinner and woman as homemaker. There are few categories that play primary factors including culture and religion, and they become a barrier for people want to live in modern society. Although the changing gender roles of modern society have been observed and been perceived through times, the acceptance of its transformation still causes negative effects to society and family.

In modern society, the idea of changing gender roles seem to be difficult not only woman or man do not have the skills for other one’s tasks but it also brings potentially risk to our society. In 1950s, the gender roles have been defined that man as breadwinner and woman as homemaker. As the society’s evolved, a woman becomes more active, ambitious and independent and a man becomes more emotional and involved in house tasks.

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According to Aaron H. Devor in his article, “Becoming members of Society: Learning the Social Meaning of Gender,” “…society demands different gender performance from us and reward, tolerates, or punishes us differently for conformity to, or digression from social norm” (527). Thus, when the gender roles are defined in terms of social interaction, then social norms seem to play a key role with it. The social norms tell us how the male and female should behave, expecting people to have their own personal characteristic and act in a way appropriate to their gender.

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Even when the changing gender roles affect society, it still needs to consider and follow particularistic obligation of each gender roles.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, woman make up 47 percents of the work place between the ages of 25 and 54 worked outside home in 1995. Therefore, woman spends less time with their children or sends them to
babysitter. When the society evolves and the value of the society around us has evaluated as more generalized norms of society, it will affect to the next generation. According to Devor in his article, “Becoming members of Society: Learning the Social Meaning of Gender,” “….children initially acquire the value of the society around them almost indiscriminately. To the degree that children absorb the generalized standard of society into their personal concept of that is the generalized other” (530). Therefore, the changes of each parent directly affect to their children and its transformation causes the original characteristic of children to disappear or unnoticeable. Most children consider their parent as role model to follow and learn. Thus, the society and family both play a primary affect to the next generation through changing gender roles.

As the previous idea, the family will affect to their children’s gender role; however, the reason unnecessarily applies to all aspects. When the families loosen attention on their children, the lacks of familial concern causes more damaged or perverted and leads the children to the wrong path in future. Each of individual family members which play a central help to their children need to consider what they do or how they behave toward their children. According to “Becoming members of Society: Learning the Social Meaning of Gender,” the family cannot pressure their children to choose the gender, when the time is right, their children will choose the appropriate gender (Devor 534). I deprecate the way of Devor’s thought, there are statistical datas show that the gender roles of children or adults have been modified by their parent and they are more likely becoming their own gender role. It is only right when the parent helps their children to choose the right path. Because of development of modern society, it appears many people not become what they are such as gays and lesbian, and it is because the lack of concern from their family.

In conclusion, modern society has tremendous effects toward the development of our society; however, it also brings the potential risk, and affect to each family generation, and the lack of concerning to children in family during their mature. If we can mix the old and modern family types together, it will give us a perfect family formation in reality. The family cannot
live either old type or modern type because it rules out the family existence or cannot have rigid family bond.

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Nowadays the effect of modern society have clearly shown on human society
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