Has easier food preparation improved people's lives?

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Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There are lot of many thing which is helped to improve way of living , The one of the example is preparing food is became easier. The reason why living style or way of living is improved is discussed in the below paragraphs.

First , in the market there are different types of foods are available for example : fruits, fast food, mills, cooked food.

Depend on the need the people buy their food. One of them fast food is easy to prepare and everywhere available in the market. Imagine your naive to preparing any kind of food and you have no other option other than preparing our-self. That time you try to cook the food which is easy to prepare , so that it will save your time, money and energy. To prepare food easily, technology is also helping which is countable in improving people way of living.

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For example : Microwave , refrigerator , cooker etc. Consider , thousands of student/professionals are buying easy to prepare foods then demand of food market will increase. The number of food developing company / Factory will be increased in the city / village. The number of employment will increase in the town , so that everyone will be earning good amount of money and it will help to improve their life and the way of living in the society.

Second, we cannot compromise the health while preparing the any food.

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Normally every easily prepare food which is actually available at authentic market place for example wall mart , malls etc. So they keep the food within the expiry date. People who want to lose the fat or increase the proteins or people who are on diet. Food companies help them by writing the quantity of Fats , protean, and vitamins. So we can control the our body needs and control the health. On the other hand , when i was student. My college time , study time , assignment time , other activity don't allow me to prepare food in less time with a good taste , even i was not the perfect cooker.

That time I used fast cooking foods and bought some devices which is helpful to prepare food fast. That mean time I've used in my extra activities. Foods price was moderate and devices was bit expensive but it was worth to buy it. There are many companies are working on to reduce the price of the foods as well as the price of technology which is used to prepare the food easily , so that people can buy food and prepare it without consuming time and energy.

Conclusion , above reason and example state directly or indirectly people changed the way of live by saving time and helping economy.

Updated: May 03, 2023
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Has easier food preparation improved people's lives? essay
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