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NOVA Nurses Organization

The establishment of the nursing profession required pioneering woman who helped form this Profession with a natural progression of practices. Linda Richards was the first American trained nurse who graduated from nursing school in 1873. Went on to establish nursing schools in the united states and Japan Pioneered the first standard method of charting and keeping written records for the hospitalized patients in her care and it caught on and become the standard first guide of record keeping.

Dorothea Dix was an important Nursing professional that helped set a standard of care as pioneers in their fields of practice and in fostering others in caring for the sick and mentally ill.

Some of these established standards of care and practice Remain a standard part of nursing practice today. There are many American and International nursing organizations exploration of two of these long-established organizations will be explored. These organizations are NOVA -The Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs and the AAMN The American Association for Men in Nursing.

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Linda Richards became the first American nurse after graduating from The New England Hospital Nursing program in 1873 She was the programs first graduate and the first trained nurse in America. Her importance in the nursing field was established from that day on and as she had learned went on to establish a standard for record keeping charting the Hospitalized patients stay, Dorthea Dix.

Dorthea Dix was best known for being a Mental health Advocate. She was a self-educated woman who laid the foundation for humane and therapeutic care of the mentally ill.

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Born in 1802 the eldest of three children Grew up in main and felt neglected and was unhappy . Her father was a book dealer and lay minister who moved the family frequently Her mother was self-involved and provided her little support. By the age of 12 Dorthea had run off to live with her grandmother. Though she had little formal education Dorthea enjoyed studying subjects in depth.She began her career as a teacher at the age of 14in 1821 she opened a NOVA Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs Was formed in to Educate, Communicate and Advocate for the Veterans Administration Nurse Professionally, Personally, and Legislatively. This organization is important to the nursing profession because: The resources provided to members include: Yearly cost of membership is Current issue this organizations is working on include: AAMN Advancing Men In Nursing- The American Association for Men in Nursing. The mission of this nursing organization is To Shape the practice, education, research, and leadership for men in nursing and advance men’s health.

This organization is important to the nursing profession because: The resources provided to members include: Yearly cost of membership is $100 for full RN membership yearly. Also includes less costly options of high school student membership ($15.00), LPN membership ($50.00), NSNA membership ($25.00), Retired/disabled membership($50.00), Student Membership($30.00), Transitional membership($50.00) for the first year after graduation from nursing school. They also have a corporate membership and honorary membership option. Membership is all inclusive male, female nondiscriminatory in anyway even being a male association.

Current issue this organizations is working on include

Formed in 1971 By Steven Miller, a nurse was fulfilling a need for male nurse organization with the cooperation of Luther Christman from Chicago they merged and became The National Male Nurses Association. Within three years membership grew to 2300 members. Then by 1974 after several years of having annual meetings the organization faded. In 1980 the group was revitalized and took off again under Luther Christman. In 1980 the members expressed a desire to expand membership and added chapters in in Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and California. Once again, NMNA was growing. In 1981 the members decide on a name change to American Assembly for Men in Nursing which better reflected their intended goals. Their group became more focused at this point with more clear objectives. To encourage men in nursing and humanize healthcare to Americans, To encourage men in Nursing to grow professionally and make this evident to themselves and society and also increase these contributions, Also to encourage members to be full participants in the nursing profession and its organizations and to use this assembly for the limited objectives as previously stated.

Currently 26 states and the district of Columbia have chapters. 91 chapters exist within the United States and there are also international members Nursing care use to be provided by family member in the family home without any formal medical training women were mostly stay at home mothers to run the household and take care of the family, with the establishment of women increasingly working outside the home there began to be a need for someone to take care of the sick and recovering, the dying and birthing and the profession of nursing as a paid profession was established to fill that need , also to establish a standard that would assist in an easier transition from sickness to restored health.


There have been many pioneering nurses in this profession who shaped what nursing has become today, Linda Richards and Dorthea Dix are town of these pioneers who helped establish the nursing practice we know and live today. Organization in Professional career fields is very important including nursing without established procedures and ideas the practice of nursing would not be what it is today. Many of the concepts are to the patient’s detriment as the nurse is the patients biggest advocate in navigating the world of healthcare. Being present in that patient’s experience affords the nurse the chance to assist the patients in health promotional activities and healing of the body.

Nursing is a holistic caring Professional career and with this many nurses through history have determined the need for camaraderie, and education, professional resources and advocation would best be met by forming the many nursing organizations in todays existence. Since things happen easier in groups and its more efficient to form groups to share ideas, network with other nurses through out the spectrum of possibilities and to have the fellowship of the shared experiences nurses experience Just like union organizations in factory and other careers nurses need that networking to remain at the top of their game. Laws in nursing were made to protect the public professional organizations protect nurses, patients families and general health of the community, and nurses.

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