Notice and Focus: Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield Essay

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Notice and Focus: Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield

”Girl Culture” photo essay by Lauren Greenfield’s was shot inside a department store’s dressing room. It is about a picture of a young lady name Sheena, who seems to me, fitting some cloths while another girl, amber, about her age; probably a close friend is sitting on the floor watching her. The shot was taken candid. It appeared like a shot from a hidden security camera of the store. By the angle of where the picture was taken, I think the camera is located near the mirror where it could take a clear shot on the subject’s full frontal image.

Sheena was almost half naked, wearing only jeans and a sando shirt in which she pulls up to her chest as she holds her breast. It really gave me an impression that Amber might be a very close friend for Sheena allowed her to see her that way probably to solicits some opinion. By the look at Sheena’s face, I could tell that see is disappointed about something and by the tight hold on her breast, I think she was discontented of its size. There are few things about this picture that captures my attention.

The way Sheena holds her breast, the presence of Amber inside the rooms and the camera itself. With this photograph, one could tell how the thread of fashion’s today affects the mindsets of young girls cultures today. Most of our young ladies today, like Sheena, now always dream for a much larger breast. It shows how they are conditions by society that big breast attracts more. Page 2 With the presence of Amber inside the room it reflects how liberated our teens today. They are now less conservative with their privacy but I think it is just fine, for as long as they really know their friends.

The good thing about it is that they know how to solicit suggestions among their peers for no one can really tell how good they look excepts for the peoples that surrounds them. This photo might be reflections of how young girl cultures today but what bothers me is the means this photo had taken. It’s a stolen shot from a dressing room of a public place and if this is true, I found it very alarming. This is a clear violation of privacy of every individual entering that room. It’s very abusive on the part of the owner of that establishment. Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield February 10–March 27, 2005 Tisch Gallery

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