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Nothing is Here

Complete the Timeline of Early 20th Century American Literature by adding ONE literary title (short story, novel, or poem) and ONE influential event for that literary title for each of the decades listed. You will also need to explain how the two pieces are connected. You should be able to complete this as you read through the lesson, filling in events on your timeline, however you may also use outside sources if you would like. You should have a total of eight events on your timeline before submitting it to your instructor. Timeline of Early 20th Century American Literature

1900- (Novel/Poem)
Ezra Pound lived outside the United States after 1908. He had, nevertheless, a profound influence on 20th-century writing in English, both as a practitioner of verse and as a patron and impresario of other writers

1910- (Poem)
Frost memorably crafted the language of common speech into traditional poetic form, with epigrammatic effect.
Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, founded by Harriet Monroe in Chicago in 1912

1920- (Poem)
Eliot lived abroad most of his life, becoming a British subject in 1927 In 1922 appeared The Waste Land, the poem by which he first became famous.

1930- (Novel)
The Cantos, the first installment of which appeared in 1926 and the latest in 1959

Their all connected by the mer fact all of these great writers devoted time and money into such projects, even if some wrote novels or poems they still wrote profoundly excelling pieces in the writing industry.

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