Notes for Each Chapter in Tomorrow When the War Began

Chapter four is about them in felt “Hell” a snake goes into Homers Sleeping bag, they try to get it out and they get scared and drop the sleeping bag the snake slither out and straight into the bush. There is a part about where a “V shaped” planes go over and they had the lights switched off on the plane so no-one could see them fly over, but they could smell the jet fuel. Right through the chapter they were in the place called “Hell”.


In chapter four they are getting fat and restless, and they can’t be bothered to explore. Everything and everyone changes when the planes go over with no lights on.


Homer feels some connection between Fi and him. Ellie is a deep sleeper and sleeps though heaps. b)

Summary of Chapter Four:

The chapter begins with the group of friends sitting around doing nothing in the morning. In the evening Homer sits down on to a sleeping bag and discovers that a snake was in his sleeping bag.

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They try to tip it out, but the drop the bag and it shoots out towards Corrie. Fi jumps in the water not knowing that snakes can swim.

In the middle of the night Ellie wakes to black jets flying overhead. In the morning she finds that Robyn, Fi and Lee heard them, also. Robyn tells the others that dozens and dozens of them were flying overhead all night long. Lee jokes that Commemoration Day would be a perfect day to invade Australia.

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In the morning Homer reveals to Ellie that he likes Fi.


* “And like black bats screaming out of the sky, blotting out the stars, a v-shaped line of jets raced overhead, very low ahead. Their noise, their speed, their darkness frightened me.” –Ellie * “There was dozens and dozens all night long.” –Robyn * “It’s probably the start of world war three,” said Lee. “We’ve probably been invaded and we don’t even know it.” –Lee * “That’s when I first…when I realised…Well it’s the first time I really took notice of her. I always thought that she was a stuck up snob. But she’s not. She’s really nice.” –Homer * “No, Hell wasn’t anything to do with places, Hell was all to do with people. Maybe Hell was people.” –Ellie

Significant Events:

1) Jets flying overhead in the middle of the night,
2) Homer admitting that he likes Fi. To Ellie he was always the kid that had no feelings.
3) Ellie realising that Hell wasn’t places it was people.


Chapter 5:


* They were very lazy, always putting off going to the top of the mountains to hike. * Corrie and Ellie were the most energetic; they took a few walks, to the bridge or to different cliffs. * Corrie and Ellie both want to travel when they are older. They want to travel to Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Egypt and maybe Europe or Africa. * They were running out of food but they were too lazy to go back to the Land rover to get more food. * They had gone through 5 days without any serious arguments, but they had a few silly arguments. * Everyone decides that the want to come back to Hell, with the same people. They don’t want other people to know about it because they might ruin it. * The trip back up the cliffs was very tiring, hard and hot. The only thing that keeps them going is Fi saying stuff about have decent food and a hot shower. * Homer stays close to Fi, and helps her a lot.

* There are 6 suspicious fires that are spread out. 2 of which are which are quite big. None of them are anywhere near them. (In Hell) * Some people went swimming in the creek.  * Lee and Ellie talk. Ellie learns a lot from Lee.

Significant Events.

The group spend their last days camping and they realise that they don’t want to leave. They want to stay longer and have more fun. They also want to come back to the same place with the same people. They don’t want others to know about their wonderful campsite. The group don’t like to hike back in the hot and humid weather. The climb is very dangerous and steep. They get very tired. There are 6 fires in the distance that nobody can figure out why they are there. Ellie and Lee feel uneasy and senses something is wrong, but they can’t figure out what.

Character Development

* ELLIE= Ellie talks to Corrie; they share a dream (travelling). Ellie leans that working in a restaurant is hard. (By talking to Lee). She feels uneasy and weird. She wants to get home to see her family to see if they are okay. * CORRIE= We learn that she wants to travel and become a nurse in a country that needs nurses urgently. She was homesick in Year 8 Camp. She works away quietly on people until she gets what she wants. She is very forgiving and doesn’t hold grudges.

* ROBYN=She doesn’t want to go home. She thinks it’s the best place ever and she had a really really good time. Robyn tells Ellie she is bossy. * FIONA= Always disappears when they cook or do washing up. Looks forward to a hot shower and decent food. Has mixed feelings for Homer. Went swimming. * KEVIN= If he had chocolate he would go up to the Land rover to get food. He is still embarrassed about the snake incident. Fells a bit sensitive. * LEE= He likes being in Hell. He thinks it was fun. Feels uptight, has a feeling that something is wrong. * HOMER= Tries to get closer to Fi. Helps Fi a lot. Likes Fi. Keeps on trying to prank Corrie.


* Arguments
=Between Kevin and Fi= For Fi not being there when cooking or washing up. =Between Corrie and Homer= Homer pulling mean jokes/pranks on Corrie =Between Kevin and Ellie=Ellie always trying to ‘fix’ the fire. =Between everyone=which coloured cars are most consumptions * No more decent food.

* Climbing/Making their way back to the land rover, very hard and tiring. * Ellie wanting to get a move on, but the rest of the group plays around.


* “Corrie! You got homesick on the Year 8 camp, and that was only 4 days!’ Ellie says to Corrie. * “I don’t want to go back. This is the best place and this week has been the best’ Robyn says to the group. * “Yea, ok” Homer said, obviously thinking of spending another 5 days with Fi. * “I wish they’d get a move on, I’m keen to get home” Ellie says to Lee. * As we got a better view of the plains we were surprised to see 6 different fires in the distance scattered across the countryside. None of the fires were remotely close to out place. [Hell] * I was a heavy sleeper but the last few nights I couldn’t settle down. I felt some kind of strange anxiety. ————————————————————————————————

Chapter 6:


In chapter 6 the characters arrive back from hell to Ellie’s house and find most of the family’s animals dead and the house abandoned. The group then tried to come up with an explanation for the strange and scary circumstances, getting more worried after each failed suggestion. The gang then decided to drive in the land rover to Homer’s, where they find his house in the same state as Ellie’s. They then had to decide if it was in their best interests to use the RF radio, they let Ellie decide and she believes they shouldn’t use it. The group then chose to talk about what might have happened in their town while they were away, Homer then found some evidence of his mother’s that proved whatever happened to their families, took place at Commemoration Day.

Important Quotes
1. “The dogs were dead… their chains were stretched and their was blood around their necks, where their collars had held”

1. “In the house there was nothing wrong, and that was what was wrong. There was no sign of life at all”

1. “…. We’ve been invaded. I think there might be a war”


In Chapter 6 there is one conflict between Robyn and Ellie when the group was trying to come up with a theory for their families’ disappearance.

Ellie: “Of course it’s bad” I yelled at her “Do you think my dad would leave his dogs to die like that? Do you think Ill be having a good laugh about that tomorrow?” I was screaming and crying at the same time

Robyn: Robyn started crying and yelling “I didn’t mean it like that way Ellie, you know I didn’t!”

They then resolved the issue:

Ellie: “I’m sorry Robyn” I said “I know you didn’t mean….” Robyn: “Im sorry too” she said “It was a bad choice of words”

Significant Events

1. Coming home to find the dogs dead and their families gone. 2. Finding no mess at the house but it being normal, showing no sign that the family was taken, but just disappeared. 3. Went to Homer’s and found it in the same state as Ellie’s, proving that something big has happened. 4. The group then assessed the situation and came up with the conclusion, that whatever happened to their families’ happened at Commemoration Day. —————————————————————————————–

Chapter 7:


They all go to Kevin’s and find his pet corgi, Flip. Then they decide to take Flip with them. When the group are at Corrie’s, Ellie finds a message on the Mackenzie’s fax machine for Corrie. It’s from her father, the message was sent from the show secretary’s office saying, “People say it’s just army manoeuvres” and “go bush. Don’t come out till it’s safe”. They split up and Ellie, Kevin and Corrie are to check things out at the showground. After seeing Ellie’s primary school teacher at the show ground from a distance and seeing how guarded the place is they leave. Soon they realize soldiers are following them and they are shooting. Ellie decides to fight back with a homemade bomb from the petrol in the ride-on mower, rags and matches. The bomb explodes and does its job successfully and they run to meet the others on the hill a 3:35, five minutes late from their agreed time.


– (Lee on making the decision to keep Flip) “We might have to make some ugly choices”. – (Homer on the subject of splitting up) “Five people free and two locked up is a better equation then no people free and seven locked up.”

Significant events
– Corrie getting a fax from her dad
– Seeing the show ground
– Ellie blowing up the lawn mower and the soldiers

Character Development
– Homer, being able to make the best decision for the group, which was splitting up. – Ellie, to make an explosion big enough to escape the soldiers in the short amount of time she had before they arrived.

– At first when Homer suggests splitting up every one is against it and there is a bit of protest going on until he reasons with them.

Chapter 8:

Plot Summary

The group has arrived at Corrie’s place before dawn. Ellie feels sick and in her mind she is singing as chorus of a song, in which she sings over and over again, because she was trying to forget the events that had happened earlier. They arrive halfway down Corrie’s driveway. Ellie stops at the porch to rest but Homer tells her to keep moving. Everyone felt at home except Lee and Robyn who were currently away. Ellie, Corrie and Kevin were telling the others about what they encountered such as the mower incident.

Ellie feels that she is permanently damaged because she had probably killed three people. Homer told them that they should not feel bad since the soldiers had invaded their land unexpectedly. After they told their story, Homer and Fi told theirs. They went into town, and they said that there was a lot of damage done. There were soldiers everywhere, so they had to be extra careful. They went to Fi’s house, and Homer was attacked by her cat. After Homer and Fi’s story, the rest of the group were worried about Lee and Robyn, not knowing what has happened to them. By then Ellie is beginning to realize Homer’s leadership skills.

Significant Events
Telling each other what had happened, since they were split into groups. Ellie knowing that Homer has changed.

Character Development
Homer – starts to act like a leader, since he could not be trusted before.

“It was hard for me to believe that I, plain old Ellie, nothing special about me, middle of the road in every way, had probably just killed three people.” “Homer was becoming more surprising with every passing hour. It was getting hard to remember that this fast-thinking guy, who’d just spent fifteen
minutes getting us laughing and talking and feeling good again, wasn’t even trusted to hand out the books at school.” ————————————————————————————————————————

Chapter 9:

Chapter Nine is quite an intense chapter. They are at Corrie’s house and collecting things, and getting ready to leave for ‘Hell’. ‘Suddenly we heard a distant disturbing noise’. A helicopter was observing the house and was waiting for the kids to move. They all went to go check on Kevin to see if he was okay,..

But he wasn’t okay. ‘They’re staring right at me’ He said. Everyone knew that if he moved they would all be on danger. Homer has grown to be such a great leader so far. ‘Don’t move, it’s the movement that’s the give away’. He was keeping everyone together. He kept everyone safe and made good decisions for the group not just for himself. As the helicopter left they had took their chances of packing what they needed while it was gone because there was a high chance that they could come back. They went to the shearers shed after they had got everything packed.

The soldiers knew they saw someone in the house. ‘… A black jet, fast and lethal, came low from the west.’ A rocket from the soldiers was flying towards the house. ‘One rocket hit the house, and one was all it took. The house came apart in slow motion.’ A second rocket came and slammed into the hillside right next to the house. Having the conflict with the soldiers has made them think more carefully about their actions and every move that they made. Homer, like I have already said… has turned into a great leader.

To me, this chapter was about how the teens needed to start thinking like soldiers, and start being soldiers.


Chapter 10:

In this chapter, the group decide to bring Lee and Robyn back from Wirrawee. Ellie and Homer are chosen to be sent into Wirrawee, since Corrie was still in a shock after the enemies had blown up her house, while Kevin stayed in Hell to look after her. When they arrive at Robyn’s house, they find Robyn who tells them that Lee had been shot and what had happened to them during the time they were hiding. They find out that there were still some people out there that are still fighting and haven’t given up yet. Since Lee wasn’t able to walk, they decided to make some rash decisions to get Lee back to Hell and themselves unharmed.

Significant Events
* Deciding to get Lee and Robyn back from Wirrawee
* Lee getting shot
* Robyn and Lee finding Mr. Clement, the dentist
* Robyn and Lee getting spotted in Wirrawee, that’s where Lee gets shot
* Deciding how to get Lee out of the restaurant and safely back in Hell

Character Development
* Homer starts to think like a soldier. He starts to become more mature and think for the safety of the group and how they would get through this. He becomes a sort of leader and makes up most of the decisions that they make. This is a big change since, when Homer was at school; he had been a trouble-maker and had been wild and outrageous.

* Ellie starts to fall for the ‘new’ Homer.

* Robyn becomes braver and Ellie thought that Robyn deserved a medal on how she rescued Lee from the enemy soldiers. Robyn used to worry easily and had been quiet and serious at the start of the novel.


Lee getting shot in Wirrawee was a big conflict in this chapter. Since wasn’t able to walk, they had to think up ideas that might get them and Lee back to Hell unharmed. They start to think up of plans like using quiet vehicles but then they decide to use a bulldozer and pick up Lee from the restaurant, since using a bulldozer would surprise the enemy. They also decide to do at four am in the morning because that was when humans were at their weakest.

Important Quotes
* “Homer had an ability to put himself into the minds of the soldiers, to think their thoughts and to see through their eyes.” * “We were in the middle of a desperate struggle to stay alive, but here I was, still thinking about boys and love.” * “‘He’s been shot’” – Robyn

* “He said he thought there were a few dozen people like himself hiding out, but after they’d seen what had happened to people who, in his words, ‘tried to be heroes’, they were all keeping well out of sight” * “They were dodging towards the door of the news agency when shots started pouring down the street.” * “He was limping badly, staring at her but biting his lip, determined not to cry out.” * “‘You keep going like this, you’ll lose your reputation. Aren’t you meant to be just a wild and crazy guy?’” – Robyn * “‘That’s when humans are always at their weakest,’ I contributed. ‘We did that in Human Dev. Three to four am, that’s when most deaths occur in hospitals.’” – Ellie ————————————————————————————————————————

Chapter 11:

In the start of chapter 11 it was all full on. Lee was injured and at his families restaurant waiting to be saved by Ellie and Robyn, in a truck they stole. Lee got wheelbarrowed into the shovel on the truck. Then they got chased by soliders Ellie ran straight over a jeep wiht three soliders in it, another jeep continued to chase them they got shot at the entire time while being followed, then Ellie stopped suddenly and the jeep went flying over them and flipped.

They got away and met Homer and Robyn on Three Pigs Lane, where they switched vehicles and headed to Chris’s in order to change vehicles again incase they had been spotted.They pulled up at Chris’s and dumped there get away vehicle in the dam out back while they disgustd what to do next, something came out of the old piggery it was Chris he had been hiding in there from everyone his paretns had gone overseas and he didnt go to Commemoration Day. So they took Chris’s parents Merc and he went with them back to hell.

The main conflict in this chapter was between the soliders and the group they had been shot at chased and had a head on crash with.

Ellie changed she became a solider in attack she had to drive the truck and she even ran over a jeep of soliders. She was in attack.


Chapter 12:

Significant events: Lee getting shot in the leg by soldiers, Ellie saw she had some feeling for lee. Went to hell as a hide out.

Conflict: Ellie saw Chris asleep when he was meant to been on guard looking for soldiers as this started off an argument.

Quotes: “I stopped. I didn’t have any plans to become the local slut” – “I’d blocked off all my emotions reactions because there hadn’t been the time or the opportunity for those luxuries. But it’s like they say, ‘emotion denied is emotion deferred’ – “Chris, who was sure that he’d been the cause of my having a nervous breakdown”.

Setting: ‘’ I could see right across the paddock to the bush and on up into the mountains’’ pg 159


Chapter 13:

Corrie had her Father’s radio, everyday she would fiddle with it, but wouldn’t let anyone else touch it. One day Corrie reported to Ellie that the batteries were getting flat. It was then that Ellie found out that the radio could get excess to worldwide radio stations. Ellie asked Corrie if she had been only trying the local stations and Corrie said yes. They gained excess to the other worldwide stations and fell upon one that was reporting about what was going on in Australia. The whole group listened it the radio. That how America was warned that if she tried to help and intervene with the war going on, she would find herself in the longest, costliest and bloodiest war ever.

The general claimed that the season for the invasion was to “Reducing balances. After the group heard that international outrage continued to mount and a lot of fighting in countries and a few scattered words, the radio died. Homer quickly suggested that everyone should write down what they heard, after they did, they chose what seemed like the main and important points. Homer was thinking long term and decided that they should get a few animals and cattle’s in Hell so that they could use the cattle as food. Next their plain was to observe how the military worked and what sort of pattern it was. So they decided to send 6 people down, all in groups of two. The pair would keep in contact with walkie talkies. Kevin and Corrie, Fiona and Homer, Chris and Robyn. They would all note down what they saw in the show ground and in 48 hours time, come back to hell.


In the middle of chapter 13 an argument develops between Kelvin and Robyn. They start arguing after Robyn says “and now they have taken the cookie and crumbled it a whole new way.” After this is said, Kelvin misunderstands Robyn and thinks that she is fine with the invasion, soon after that, and after Kelvin insulting her religion, Robyn starts to defend herself and with the whole group agreeing with her, Kelvin realises that he lost and back off.

Plot Changes:
Instead of sitting around, like in the previous chapter, this time they plan to go back to the show grounds and investigate what is going on.

Character Development:

Homer: Acts more mature
Street smart
More sensible
More sense of responsibility

Fiona: Starts to like Homer now
Starts to want to sacrifice necessaries of loved ones and family

Ellie: Is confused about whom she likes, Homer or Lee


Chapter 14:

Ellie, Homer and Fi went back up to Ellie’s house to collect some more supplies (food, clothing, toiletries, tools, bedding, a Bible, etc). Robyn and Ellie read the Bible.

After Ellie, Homer and Fi got back from Wirawee they found Lee had started walking around. Lee and Ellie had some conflict as they talked about their relationship, but Ellie is still confused :P.

Ellie goes for a walk by herself and finds the Hermit’s hut.


Chapter 15:

Everyone was annoyed by each other.
(p191. There was a bit of strain between us now, which I hated and there was a general strain caused by everyone snapping at each other in the final few hours of daylight.) When Fi and Ellie slept together, Fi said to Ellie that she loved Homer, but he was too ‘Greek’. Fi wanted to get advice from Ellie, but Ellie didn’t want to Fi and Homer go well… At night, Ellie reminded her family and smiled.

Ellie thought that ‘Hell is a sad, brooding place but not evil.’ They woke up early and had simple food. They would stay very long in the Hell like 3 months, 6 months two years… Lee said that he wanted to go Hermit’s Hut.

In front of the Hermit’s Hut Ellie told Lee about her feeling. She was very stressful because of her feelings. (p202. But my feelings are that I’m confused.)
Lee said that ..
(p 202. No, I just think that for some things, for example liking someone, for example liking me, you are being too careful and calculating. You should just fo with the feelings.) Lee wanted to go inside the Hut.

There were many things like reward from a King.
There were photos and newspaper article about murderer.
Also, Lee and Ellie read his story about the murder process(?).

After their inspection of Hermit’s hut they kept working into the evening. Fi sleeps in Ellie’s tent while Corrie is away and before they fall into sleep, she talks to Ellie about her relationship with Homer and if she should try it with Lee. They get up early and Ellie notice that the longer they stay in hell, the more they get into natural rhythms their major job that morning is to get fire wood which they work hard on.

Ellie shows Lee the hermit’s hut, they speck about their  relationship and Lee thinks that Ellie should give be with him. In the hut Lee finds a metal cash box with nothing but papers and photographs. underneath them was a small blue case, like a wallet, but made of stiffer material. Lee silently wrapped everything up and replaced it in the tin. There was too much to absorb, too much to think about.

they left the hut in silence.

Chapter 16:

Chapter sixteen is all of Ellie’s thoughts. Lee and her are possibly boyfriend and girlfriend, also Homer and Fi. Lee and Ellie have visited the Hermits Hut and found important documents from the murder. The whole group have come up with more tactics to keep themselves from the soldiers and getting caught one of them is moving the land rover further away from Hell. The rest of the chapter is Ellies thoughts on Lee and Hell.

Important Quotes
“There were to other documents in the box” Lee and Ellie noticing the documents. “The last thing was a poem, a simple poem” Ellie been a detective. “He’s so down on himself” Fi complaining on Homer.

“perhaps my lack of confidence, my tortuous habit of questioning and doubting everything I said or did, was a gift, a good gift, something that made life painful in the short run but in the long run might lead to…what? The mourning of life” Ellie’s thoughts on life.

Significant Events
· Ellie and Lee finding the documents in Hermits Hut.
· Ellie and Fi having a good chat on what lies ahead of them.
· Thinking of other ways of them been unnoticed by soldiers.

Character Developments
· Fi as become more confident and true to her and others that is because she has been around Homer a lot. · Ellie has taken a part in been a leader along with Homer and Kevin. · Lee has become a lot stronger now that is leg as stared to heal.

Not much conflict in this chapter I think this is because they have all started working as a team and listen to what the others around them have to say.


Chapter 17:

Robyn, Kevin, Corrie and Chris returned from Wirrawee and after breakfast they tell the others their story. Robyn does most of the talking. She is their unofficial leader and she reports from the situation in Wirrawee. As they were telling the story everyone else was sitting with their partners, while Chris and Robyn were the only ones who weren’t together as a couple. Robyn, Kevin, Corrie and Chris haven’t seen any of their families but been told they were safe at the showground. The soldiers would have been on duty taking some prisoners and the showground back to their homes a habitable place again by cleaning out mould and dead food and pets and to pick up some valuables like jewellery.

Robyn got told by Mr Keogh that the work parties would be going out to the country too, starting any day now to look after the stock and get the farms going again, he said they’re going to colonise the whole country with their own people and all the farms will be split up between them and we’ll just be allowed to do menial jobs like cleaning.

Chris brought back packet of smokes, two bottles of port that he ‘souvenired’ seeing Chrsi smoke made Ellie reflect on what laws they had already broken (stealing, driving without a license, wilful damage, assault, manslaughter or murder etc). Ellie didn’t like the idea of Chris picking up grog (alcohol) and cigarettes. Robyn presents the idea to Ellie writing all these happenings down and Chris wants to know what the other four (Ellie, Lee, Fi and Homer) did in Hell while they were away. Homer says that they must grab some sleep and that they will have a council of war later that afternoon.

Robyn is a quiet leader even in calmer times:
‘Robyn did most of the talking. She’d already been their unofficial leader when they left, and it was interesting to see how much she was running the show now.’

Kevin recommended that they could end up being the nations since they could be the only ones left free so they would be they government and everything. They would all choose their jobs or got given them.

Kevin for Prime Minister, Chris: Police Commissioner, Homer was the Minister for Defence and Chief of the General Staff, Lee was the Pensioner of the Year because of his leg. Robyn wanted to be the Minister of Health but got Archbishop instead. Fi was Attorney General because of her parents and Ellie was named Poet Laureate.

They plan to gather animals, such as ferrets and rabbits for food.

There is conflict in this chapter when Kevin suggested that they have ferrets instead of chooks. Corrie disagrees and says, ‘ “Yuck! They’re disgusting! I hate them.” Kevin looked wounded at this disloyalty from the one person he could normally count on. “They’re not disgusting,” he said sounding hurt. “They’re clean and they’re intelligent and they’re very friendly.” “Yeah, so friendly they’ll run up your trouser leg.” ’ ———————————————————————————————————————-

Chapter 18:

In this chapter we get to know more about Ellie’s and Lee’s and Homer’s love relationship. We find out who Ellie likes more Lee or Homer. We also learn on how far Ellie and Lee would go with their relationship physically. We hear more about Chris and him smoking. We also find out that Sally and Kevin have been together for a whole year and that Ellie is pretty sure that they have lost their virginity to each other.

In this Chapter we hear Ellie saying “I know this might sound a bit different from what I said before, but I don’t think it is. I can understand why these people have invaded but I don’t like what they’re doing and I don’t think there’s anything very moral about them”. Ellis feels that this war has been forced on them and she hasn’t got the guts to be a conscientious objector. She just hopes that they can all avoid doing too much that’s filthy and foul and rotten.


Chapter 19:


Chapter 20:


“There was a pause then the answer. ‘Yeah I love you too Fi.’ For Homer to say that to anyone was pretty good; for him to say it with Lee and me listening was amazing.”

“I always admired so much about Fi, but now it was her courage I was admiring, instead of her grace and beauty.”

“”We’ve been held up for a bit.’ Fi said. ‘Ellie wanted to climb a tree.’


In this chapter, there is some character development with Homer. He is no longer afraid to say he loves Fi in front of anyone, where in this quote shows this: “There was a pause then the answer. ‘Yeah I love you too Fi.’ For Homer to say that to anyone was pretty good; for him to say it with Lee and me listening was amazing.” Fi develops some amount of bravery as she steps up more. She gets much more courage as she takes on some of their tasks.


Ellie and Fi are paired together to go and sort things out/set things up for when they blow up the tank. After getting everything in the correct places, and getting the bikes there so they have time to get away after the tank gets blown up they go to wait. As they got out of their truck after getting all this done, some Patrols came past. They ran over someone’s fence and into their garden and climbed up a gum tree. Ellie soon realized that the truck, filled with things needed for their task to go as planned. If the soldiers were to see this they would automatically realize, and their plan would be ruined. Or If they were spotted in the tree, they would be captured and who knows what would happen. Luckily somehow they did not realize either of the two and they walked off. And they went to prepare everything to blow up the tank, now all they had to do was wait.


The most significant even of this chapter would be when Ellie and Fi spotted some patrols coming so they went and hid up in a tree. whilst the soldiers were very close to their truck. If the soldiers noticed the truck, their whole plan would be ruined. Also, if they were spotted in that tree, they would have been captured or killed which would cause everything to not work. ———————————————————————————————————————————————-

Chapter 21:

Chapter 22:

Character development

Homer learnt not to put to much trust in machines.  Ellie sees another side or Homer, his sweet side; “The only thing homer left out was the way he had wept when he found out we were safe. I saw the sweetness of Homer then” Corrie got shot, Kevin shows us his loyal side; “Corrie’s my mate and I’m not gonna dump her and run”. We can see Ellie is accepting more and more that she is in a war, therefore accepting that some of the things she does might have the consequence of someone dying; If I knowingly did things like blowing up bridges, then the fact that by sheer good luck no one was hurt didn’t let me off the hook. Once I’d made my decision to go with the tanker i had been ready to live with the consequences, whatever they were.

Significant Events

Ellie and Fi meet Homer and Lee up in a gully behind Fleets place and told there versions of the bridge blowing up. Went to sleep  Ellie, Homer, Fi and Lee woke up at night, left to Ellie’s house on the bikes at 10pm Walked into Ellie’s garage to see Corrie lying still on a table with Chris, Kevin and Robyn crowding around her. Kevin told Ellie that Corrie had been shot.

Kevin drove Corrie to the Hospital, leaving Lee, Ellie, Robyn, Homer, Fi and Chris to go back into Hell.

Important Quotes

‘You would be glad to know’ he said turning to me ‘that I don’t think any of them were hurt’ It meant a lot to me; but not everything
We felt the worst was over and we had done our job and now we deserved a rest. You’re sort of bought up to believe that that’s the way life should

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