Not Satisfied with School Canteen Food Essay

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Not Satisfied with School Canteen Food

On the 20th March 2013, there had been an incident at Papakura High School. A school fight between two junior girls, at lunch time on the school field, me and a friend were sitting on the field at the time, we then had seen one of the girls come up on the field with a lot of people, and she had asked us if we had seen anonymous, but we told her no. Rumours had been told to these girls and this is why they had a fight. Everyone crowded around the two girls and was telling them to fight and pushing them into each other. So the girl who had walked on to the field had taken the first hit, which was a closed fist. The girls had begun to fight and punch each other; the fight had eventually stopped because a senior student had pulled the girls away from each other. The student had also got the teachers involved in this situation.

After this incident the two girls had been taken to the Deputies office, to write a statement about, what caused them to fight, why they had a fight, which had started it, how can they resolve this etc. The girls had done writing there statements. Me and a friend also had to write statements because we were witnesses and had seen what happened, me and my friend were separated into two different rooms, and had to each talk to the dean about what we had seen and heard.

The girls ended up talking about what happened and talked everything out, me and my friend also had to sit in the same room. When we all had a chance to talk about this incident we were all told about what would happen if this happened again, also me and a friend had got given a five dollar lunch time voucher. Then the girls had become friends and made a mends, although the girls had sorted it out they still had to pay the consequences and they both had a three day suspension.

The girls had returned back to school after their suspension. My friend and I also those two girls had to have another talk to our dean. We had to talk about the incident again. He had thanked us for our time and our help with this incident. Our dean had given the two girls task to help them out throughout the year, and to keep them on track. Me and my friend were offered to help look out for these girls out of class time, to make sure they are doing the right thing, and hanging out with the right people.

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