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North America Essay

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North America is a very unique region because of the cultural, population, and environmental differences from other regions. North America’s climates and vegetation are diverse, mainly because of the regions size. The drier climates are found from west Texas to Alberta. The soils of this region are fertile. Prairie vegetation dominated by tall grasslands in the East. Western North American climates and vegetation are complicated by the regions mountain ranges. North America climates include everything from tropical Savanna, to Tundra environments.

Most of the region’s best farmland and densest settlements lay in the mild or continental multitude climate zones. Metropolitan areas struggle with outdated clean water supply system. From all the consumption of water many places are threatened by water shortage. Scientist believes that all the wells will be dry bye two thousand and twenty from all the pumping.

Prices are becoming higher because of the demand of water. Also, North America is being exposed to not enough clean water.

Because of the water pollution that is being exposed everyday it causes citizens to get sick. North America’s greatest environmental disaster was in two thousand and ten when the deep Horizon rig had an explosion of leaking oil in the Gulf of Mexico. This spill damaged the sea and bird life therefore, new restrictions on deepwater oil was imposed shortly after so the disaster does not happen again. Also air pollution and Global Warming. The cities closer to the south such as Houston, Los Angeles, Canada, Toronto and Hamilton experience the worse air pollution. The main problems are automobiles because they release Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur, Nitrogen Oxide, and Hydrocarbons.

All of these gasses are poisons to the human body because we humans only breathe Oxygen. Also since there are such poisons being released into the air, scientist has proved that the cancer rates are higher because of this pollution. The cancer rates were five hundred times higher than rural clean air localities. Air pollution causes a severe case of Global Warming. Changes in arctic temperature sea ice and sea level have increased because of Global Warming. The Climate change has become so bad that the climate refugees were forced to move in a variety of vulnerable environmental settings. Global warming has come from multiple directions, threatening their economic viability and cultural survival.

The Population of North America varies from Canada to the United States. The Population for Canada is thirty four point one million and the United States population is three hundred and nine point six million. North America’s population also varies from the different cities, but overall the population today is three hundred and forty million people. Migration plays a big role in the role in the region’s population. About twelve percent of the U.S population moved to a different residence.

The main reason why migration rates have fallen is because there have been fewer job opportunities, inability to sale real estate and increase in periods of more rapid economic growth. in the North Americans mostly preferred to live in the westward part of North America because there was more value to life on the west side. The fastest growing states are in the westward part also such as Arizona, Nevada, Alberta and British Columbia. African Americans were mostly stuck in the south after the Civil war, but after noticing the labor in agricultural. It started to decline, they saw a better growing opportunity in the North and west side. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and Oakland became the key destination for Southern Blacks. Today Seventy five percent of North American population is Urban.

North America is expressed geographically in two different ways. First, similar people congregate near one another and derive meaning from the territories they occupy in common. Second, their culture, the everyday landscape, and language. Overall about twenty three percent of Canadians are French but more than eighty percent of the population of Quebec speaks French. Canadians strengthened the French language by requiring French instructions in the schools. Another different kind of culture language is the Hispanics who spoke Spanish. About forty five million Hispanics now live in the United States with more than half in California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona combined. Latin foods and music add internal cultural variety to the region. New York City, Chicago and Miami serve as key points of Hispanic cultural influence.

African Americans also have cultural homelands. Any of the south areas are considered home to the black African Americans. Such as Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. The kinds of music black folks engage in are mostly spiritual such as Gospel, and the Blues. Another homeland in the South is Acadian, a Cajun culture in southwestern Louisiana. This homeland was created when French settlers were expelled from eastern Canada and relocated to Louisiana. Millions of North Americans are affiliated with traditional religions. Orthodox Christians congregate in the Urban Northeast where many Greek, Russian and Serbian Orthodox communities were established. The telltale domes of Ukrainian Orthodox churches still dot the Canadian praires of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Also More than seven million Jews live in North America to this very day. The nation of Islam also has a strong Urban orientation, reflecting its appeal to many economically dispossessed African Americans. Many other Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus also live int the United States. The United States also have a lot of Islam’s, Buddhist and Hindus While only about eight percent of people in the Unites States classify themselves as nonbelievers, a recent survey showed that thirty percent of the population claimed to have a largely secular lifestyle in which religion was rarely practiced. In a parallel fashion U.S culture has forever changed the lives of billions of people beyond the region.

Although the economic and military power ot the United States was notable by the nineteen hundreds, It was not until after world war two that the countrys popular culture reshaped global human geographies in fundamental ways. The Marshal Plan and the Peace corps initiatives exemplified the growing presence of the United States on the worlds stage even as Europe, Colonialism wande. Rapid improvement and Global transportation and information technologies, much of them engineered in the United States, also brought the world more surely under the regions spell. Perhaps most critical was the marriage between growing Global demand for consumers, goods and the rise of the multinational corporation, which was Superbly structured to meet a cultivate those needs. These are the differences of North America from any other region.

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